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Blair Candy Presents: Christmas Candy – A Sweet Story of Sugar and Spice

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there lived a friendly Candy Queen whom everyone called Pam. She required not that she be addressed as ‘Queen Pam’, or ‘Her Royal Majesty’, for what brought her joy was not her status, but sharing her sweets with the world. Each year, the Candy Queen would eagerly anticipate the great candy holiday of Halloween. She would delight in every morsel of candy corn, relish every lick of a witch finger lollipop. And every year, when the clock struck midnight on October 31st, Pam could be seen walking slowly with her head hung low, saddened that Halloween was precisely as far away as it would ever be. You see, for as happy as Halloween made the Queen, it also inflicted upon her a rare but serious ailment – Christmasnesia! This ailment strikes fast and fiercely at midnight on October 31st, rendering its victim completely unaware that while Halloween passing is indeed a lamentable event, its passing also means that Christmas is right around the corner!

This year came with the same familiar depression as years past, leaving the Queen in her annual post-Halloween slump. But this sadness only lasts for 9 hours, as each year Captain Candy is waiting in Pam’s office for her arrival at 9am, November 1st. And he is waiting not to chitter-chatter, as Captain Candy is so very fond of, but to present to Pam the only known antidote to Christmasnesia…the all-powerful Candy Cane.

Carefully unwrapping the candy cane, Captain Candy presented it to a very confused Queen. “What…what…what is it,” the Queen inquired, “What is this mysteriously-shaped yet sweet-smelling cane?” “It’s a candy cane, Pam,” replied Captain Candy, “A peppermint treat that’s oh-so-wonderful to eat!” And as the Queen took her first hesitant taste of this strange candy cane, as in years past her face immediately flushed with happiness as she exclaimed, “A candy cane, it’s a candy cane! And a candy cane can only mean Christmas!”

With Christmasnesia cured, the Queen rushed to the candy warehouse to take in all she could handle of the Barley Candy now remembered, and the Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries she’d never believe she forgot if we told her, even if they had only been forgotten for 9 hours! And with the Queen in a Christmas state of mind, Festive Fever swept over all of Blair Candy, where more and more Christmas Candy is arriving every day. And the only antidote for the 9 hour lull that follows Festive Fever? You’ll just have to wait until December 26th to find out!

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