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Haunted Houses That Are Scary And Sweet And Good Enough To Eat (There’s Also A Contest Involved!)

For many of us, one of the most creative and fun activities we undertake during the Christmas season is crafting a gingerbread house. There’s always lots of smiles and laughs to be had when gathering friends and family at the kitchen table with mountains of sweets and hot cups of cocoa in valiant attempts to outdo the gingerbread houses we’ve created in years past. When something is such a welcomed break from the stresses of our everyday, and brings us closer to people we often don’t see enough, why limit it to just one day a year? (Especially when there’s candy and frosting and gingerbread involved!)

The Gingerbread House Kits have arrived at Blair Candy as they do every year in preparation for the spicy seasonal rush, and as we carefully tucked them away onto our Christmas shelves, someone nonchalantly mentioned, “Maybe we should leave a few on the lower shelves. People might be ordering them to make haunted houses for Halloween.” I had never considered that some of the Gingerbread House Kits that were ordered early just might be haunted gingerbread houses! And while I’m not sure if they were, or were simply ordered in advance of the holiday rush, I can’t help but hope some became haunted houses.

How would you decorate a haunted Halloween gingerbread house? Icing cobwebs? Spiders made from Anise Bears and Black Licorice Twizzlers? A Witch Finger Lollipop picket fence leading to the creepy front door? Eyeball Candy peering out from each window behind curtains made of hand-tattered Broadway Rolls? Or perhaps your haunted gingerbread house would be so spooky we can’t even imagine?! From slightly scary to harrowingly haunted, we’d love to see pictures of them all! In fact, we’d love to see them so much that if you send us a picture of your Halloween gingerbread house you could Win $20 Worth Of Candy From! The Blair Candy Team will vote for their favorite entry the week after October 31, 2010 and we’ll make an announcement as soon as the votes are tallied.

We hope to see some amazing houses that we just know you can dream up. After all, boring people don’t eat candy, and they certainly don’t read about it or craft with it! You’re the best group to turn to that we can think of. 🙂

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