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Add Some Sweet Spirit To Your Graduation Party With C-A-N-D-Y!

As the end of May approaches, many have already walked across what at the time seems like the longest stage in the world to wrap their hands around that hard-earned diploma. Others still are anxiously awaiting the day in coming weeks that they too will pace their steps and their breath as they reach for one of the most important pieces of paper they’ll ever know. It’s Graduation Season, one of the most monumental times of year our country knows! And with these proud accomplishments often comes a celebration of family, friends, food and fun.

If you’re planning a graduation party for yourself or a loved one, we can’t help but chime in with a reminder that candy is the sweetest gift of all. But in addition to being a delightful treat, candy can also play into your theme or décor, with colors and options to complement any and every party you can dream of. After all, as the popular quote goes: “Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the Starburst!” Or is it “land among the stars”? I can never remember. 😉

You’re Getting Ready For The Big Leagues. The Big League Chew, that is! A fan favorite, this gum will not only be enjoyed for its unique packaging and fabulous flavor, but also makes a cute and clever tribute to grads who will be hitting the job market soon.

Look At You With The Great Grades! Is the grad you’re celebrating walking away with a nice, high GPA? Pay homage to their big, beautiful brain with Smarties! Sure, you’ve always known they were among the brightest bulbs shining, but now they have numerical proof of their amazingness. And if they were picked on as a kid for their high grades, poke a little fun but adding some Nerds Ropes to the candy mix. Nobody seems to make fun of ‘nerds’ past age 18. Kinda funny how that works, isn’t it? (Whatever you do, just don’t get Dum Dum Pops!)

Consider Where They’re Headed After Graduation. Is your grad headed to the Army? Our green apple flavored Gummi Army Men would make an awesome addition to the table! Future X-Ray Technician? Our Gummi X-RAY Fish are as cool as they are tasty. Maybe they have a much-needed vacation on the horizon? Browse our candy selection and see if there’s something that ties into that, too. If Cancun tickets are carefully stashed away, Mexican Gummi Hats would be a colorful choice. If they’re heading a bit further away to Sweden, Swedish Fish would work wonderfully! Even if there isn’t a sweet treat that works as perfectly as these, with a little thought and creativity, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

How Delicious Are Our Dog Treats? The Pictures Speak For Themselves!

It’s the question that you can be sure someone will ask when you mention that dog treats are delicious: “And how do you know? Have you tried them?!” I’ll start by saying the temptation was great to – pardon the pun – double dog dare a coworker to do just that! But I resisted temptation when a handful of paw-dorable pictures came my way.

A friend of mine recently became the proud puppy papa to a furry bundle of love named Sully. While I would typically celebrate a new baby’s arrival with a gift of Bubble Gum Cigars, I knew those weren’t going to cut it for Sully. He needed some tempting bone-shaped treats, and he needed them to be our Mega Bone Dog Treats. After all, he’s not just any puppy; he’s a Saint Bernard puppy. And they only come in one size…huge!

Our Mega Bone treats are an all natural doggy delicacy handmade with yummy peanut butter. And at just $3.50 per bow-wrapped bone, they’re a good-for-your-dog treat that doesn’t break the bank. If your pooch isn’t quite ready to tackle such a treat, we have smaller Natural Dog Treats as well. Many of the dog treats we sell, including the bone above, are from Barbara’s Canine Catering, Inc. If that name sounds familiar, you may have seen them featured on Good Morning America, Animal Planet, or within the pages of several popular magazines. And if you think for a second that Barbara’s canine credentials will go unappreciated by your pup, think again. A dog’s eyes never lie; particularly those of a plush and perfect puppy. And Sully looks mighty pleased with what Barbara has whipped up in her canine kitchen!

Party Favors With Flavor – Candy Makes A Tasty Treat For Gift Bags!

Planning a birthday party for your son or daughter and looking for some summer sweets to fill up goodie bags? offers a delectable selection of candy that’s perfect for warm weather festivities. From Sunflower Seeds, a summer staple, to fun and fresh Gummy Hot Dogs, a fruit-flavored favorite that’s fitting for the season, we keep our prices low and our options high so you can build the best bag possible to fit your event, your kiddo’s personality, and your budget!

  1. While paper or plastic goodie bags are a great option, Candy Boxes can add an unexpected and unique twist to your thank you treats. We offer empty boxes in several sizes, each of which are white and ready for decorating! From markers and crayons to puff paint and bows, there’s plenty of room for your son or daughter to let their creativity run wild. A few days before their party, write up a list of all the names of the kids that will be attending the party. Then let your own little one get to work creating a custom box for each of their friends, drawing pictures on the box they know each kid will like, and adding their name so they know which box is theirs. It’s a small, personal touch that also adds some color to the cake and favor table making the goodie boxes even more tempting than they already will be!
  2. Once the boxes are all decorated (and have dried if paints were used), it’s time to separate the candy into piles by size. Working with the smallest candies first, Tootsie Frooties are a popular pick, fill the bottom of each box. Each bag of Tootsie Frooties includes 360 wrapped candies, so even if you’re filling 25 candy boxes, buying just 2 bags will give each kid almost 30 pieces of deliciousness! I’ve never met a Tootsie Frootsie I didn’t like, but I have to say that if I were creating the boxes for my own party I’d go with watermelon and grape.
  3. If you’re working with a theme or specific color palette, look for candies that tie into it. We have an easy-to-shop Candy By Color section that makes matching a snap! Also think of your child’s favorite things – there are candies to complement so many interests. Can your kid not get enough of trucks? Our Dump Truck Candy is a toy and a treat in one, and would make a cute addition to the top of the candy box, too. Have a future fireman or firewoman celebrating a birthday? Our Fire Extinguisher Candy is sure to make a splash! Kid that can’t get enough of Sponge Bob? Gummy Crabby Patties are the best Bikini Bottom has to offer! Browse our candy shop and see what sparks your interest. Sometimes you don’t even know what you’re looking for until you find it. 🙂
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