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Looking For A Fresh Fundraiser Idea? Turn Up The Theme!

Are candy bars delicious? Ummm…Yes! And as a fundraising idea, candy bars can be considered a safe bet for some solid sales. However, separating yourself from your fellow fundraising competition may take something a bit more creative than a candy bar, especially if you’ll be taking to the fundraising field on a hot summer day! Luckily, there are tons of terrific tasty treats that are better friends with the sun than chocolate, and allow for you to turn up the tap on a theme that ties into your fundraiser. We’ve put together a few ideas below, but we’d love to hear feedback from you on what kinds of candy you think would hit the theme sweet spot for other fundraisers. 🙂

A Sweet Stick of Sports! – Whether your fundraiser benefits football, baseball, basketball or soccer, our Sport Lollipops make a smart selection. A giant jelly lollipop made of pure deliciousness, these can easily bring in $2 apiece, leaving you with a sizable profit, and your supporters with a belly full of yum!

Awesome For Animal Charities! – There’s no questioning that there are many furry friends among us that need help and shelter, and thankfully, there are also many organizations to look after and treat these animals when they need it most. However, caring for all the Fidos and Fluffys can be an expensive endeavor, and ongoing fundraisers are often essential. offers a few cute and clever candies that would be purrrfect for such fundraisers, including our paw-dorable Candy Dog Bowl and Bones!

Raising Money For Renovations! – Maybe your local rec center could use a fresh coat of paint, or perhaps your neighborhood playground is in need of some equipment repairs. Whatever community project is in need of some funds to keep bringing the fun, a can of Bubble Gum is up to the task! Well, the gum itself can’t help with the work, but it can help you raise the cash you need for supplies. Consider a fun slogan such as, “Give A Helping Hand – Grab A Handful!”, and offer a suggested donation amount. Even a dollar will cover more than the cost in gum, and chances are people will be even more generous when the project benefits the community as a whole.

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