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Make Sure The Easter Bunny Remembers Your Beagle, Boxer or Bichon!

There are lots of things to love about holidays, from friends and family visiting from out of town, to marvelous meals full of food , fun and laughter. But my favorite thing about holidays is the selflessness. It’s as if all of a sudden we are overcome with a desire to share and care – there’s no one fighting over the bigger half, no one’s frown going unfixed without someone trying to make it a smile. We’re more generous, and happy to be so! We’re more ourselves, really; or who we might be were it not for all the stresses and messes of everyday life occasionally making us a bit cranky. We’re hugging, we’re reminiscing, we may even be glowing – and as the conversations continue, and the dog wanders into the kitchen while we cook, we smile down at our furry friend and give her a treat from the table. After all, it’s a holiday and she’s such a good girl, what harm is there in one piece of chocolate? Unfortunately, quite a bit of harm.

The toxicity levels for chocolate in dogs varies by the type of chocolate and the size of your dog, but the potential for them getting sick is definitely not worth the risk. It actually takes a very small amount of chocolate to affect dogs negatively in many major ways, including an increased heart rate, vomiting and muscle tremors. In the case of accidental ingestion you should contact your Vet immediately, but prevention really is the best prescription, so take time to ensure those sugary sweets you and your children will be enjoying are out of Rover’s reach. And, of course, make sure you have some Dog Treats stashed away for your pooch to enjoy the day! At Blair Candy, we are all about bringing a smile to every face in the house, including the fluffy, furry ones that are always oh-so-eager to bring a smile to us all year round.

I know I don’t have the strength to sit on the couch cherishing every marvelous moment Cadbury Mini Eggs bring while big, brown pleading eyes stare up at me with hope! But I’m also not about to be responsible for my favorite couch companion getting sick, which is why I have my Easter Candy arsenal fully stocked with Gummi Peach Penguins and PupsiclesDubble Bubble and Doggie Donuts – to ensure everyone gets their fabulous fill of deliciousness Easter morning. Just be careful that in addition to keeping your Easter treats away from your pup’s tummy, you also keep her treats out of her sight! In the very true words of Phil Pastoret, “If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them.”

Happy Easter to Your Family From Ours!

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