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‘Egg’celent Easter Candy To Fill Baskets And Bellies!

There are tons of terrific holidays that we can’t wait to celebrate, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Halloween. And while these holidays bring chocolates alongside presents, conversation hearts alongside love poems, and enough candy corn to satisfy our sweet teeth for days alongside clever costumes, none can capture the abundance of delectable delights that Easter promises!

If you’re lucky enough to have a little one in your life, you’ll probably soon be spending an evening packing a pretty basket with Easter straw, and tucking enough temptations inside to leave your child falling asleep with a sweets-satisfied smile for weeks. I remember the excitement of Easter morning well, an excitement only rivaled by that of Christmas morning. Rushing down the stairs as fast as my footie pajamas would allow, I began the greatest, most important hunt in my young world – the hunt for my Easter Candy. With a determination rarely seen in children, my mind darted between thoughts of Jelly Beans and Chocolate Bunnies, eagerly imagining the perfect pleasure of sinking my still sleepy teeth into the first Marshmallow Peep of many to come! And when that magic moment arrived, when the correct cupboard door was opened or blanket lifted, I was as close to bliss as anyone ever really gets. There is no love or hate in that moment – no war or peace – there is just a basket of Easter Candy and a sense that all is well. The Bunny was here, the Bunny was generous, the Bunny is my friend!

I would proceed to snuggle up on the couch with the basket in my lap and switch on morning cartoons. No one dared challenge my television selection – Easter morning and all that goes along with it unspokenly belongs to the children. My older brother would wake awhile later and beg a Chocolate Cross or Cradbury Crème Egg, my sugar-soaked mind obliging his wishes as I continued my candy and cartoon coma. And an hour after that, we’d all head to Church, where it was difficult not to notice the get-up-and-go of all the kids. Legs excitedly kicked against pews as the sugar settled in while mothers hushed the chattering children relaying stories of their Easter basket’s bounty to nearby friends. We were told in hushed tones, “It’s Easter! Be respectful!” But we smiled inside and out, because we understood possibly better than any adult ever could both the true and the tasty meaning of this glorious holiday.

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