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Easter Candy For Easter Egg Hunts – Because Sweet Treats Make For Hoppy Hunters!

Whether you’re planning an Easter Egg Hunt for your kids, your neighborhood,  or your entire town, you’ll need some pocket-friendly pieces at pocket-friendly prices to satisfy every sweet tooth that arrives ready to ransack the field! And just happens to have that Big Bunny-approved candy that will have kids racing for colorful eggs full of awesome!

Easter Egg Hunts Made Easy!

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, consider these Jelly Bean Beans. Taking their style from the classic pop-open plastic egg, these are shaped like a jelly bean instead, and come pre-packed with jelly beans as well! Each box is stocked with 48 pretty pastel containers, perfect for hiding indoors or out.

Another tempting twist on a classic, these Milk Chocolate Covered Peeps are music to your mouth. Ever wondered if it was even possible for a Peep to be more delicious? Here’s your mmmilk chocolate answer! Each Peep is individually wrapped, so even if they won’t fit inside an egg, they also won’t get dirty in the short moments before they’re delightfully discovered.

Want special prizes for ‘winning’ eggs or Treat Bags? At my favorite annual Easter Egg Hunt from my childhood, there were actually only a small amount of colorful candy-filled eggs in the field. Most of the prizes were found in treat bags, which all included some sort of candy, from Candy Coins to Dubble Bubble. But the special ‘winning’ bags also contained a certificate that let the lucky kid know a special prize was waiting for them after all the eggs and treat bags had been discovered. Sometimes the special prize was something larger, like a baseball bat or doll donated from a local business. And sometimes it was something smaller but still fantastic to win, like a Milk Chocolate Bunny. Honestly, it didn’t matter much what that certificate won me. The real prize was walking toward the man in charge of the special prizes with a ticket in my trembling little hands. At that moment, the whole world stopped until the prize was presented to me. Even if almost every other kid had a ticket as well…I was the Easter Egg Hunt Winner!

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