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Candy Gift Baskets – If You Build It, They Will Nom!

There are plenty of pre-packaged candy gift baskets on the market to choose from, but they all share the same two problems; They are very expensive, and they don’t contain exactly what you want. Not getting exactly what you want is bad enough, but to pay a fortune for it on top of that – not an appealing idea! Candy is meant to bring joy, not compromise. And at, you can pick the perfect sweets and treats to fill your basket, and give a gift that’s good to the last gumdrop!

If you’re one of our local customers, a term we apply to our generous 150 mile delivery area, we can even create your custom basket for you. In fact, the yummy baskets above were built right here at Blair Headquarters! But if you aren’t within delivery distance, creating your own basket is easy, economical and fun with a little imagination and a mountain of marvelous candy. Just grab a basket from your local discount store, and have fun filling it with the best candy choices for the lucky recipient. We’ve put together an awesome basket to give you an idea of how to ‘think inside the basket’…

Start With A Flavorful FoundationPenny Candy isn’t only perfectly-priced and delicious, it also makes for a great filler for the bottom of your basket.  Consider starting with a bag of Wrapped Candy pieces, available in tons of tempting flavors. With 240 pieces per bag, and a pocket-friendly price of just $2.75, building a base of candy for your basket will not only be tastier than choosing fancy paper or straw, but cheaper, too!

Add Your Large Candy Selections – These will, of course, depend on the basket you’re putting together. If you’re making an Easter basket, now would be a good time to add your Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny or White Chocolate Cross. For a ‘Just Because’ or birthday gift basket, our Giant Gummy Bears or tin of Chupa Chups might go in next. Just work them into the penny candy base you’ve built, and they’ll be supported by their candy cousins!

Put In The Finishing Touches – Find candy that fits the occasion, or simply candy you know they’ll love. Still taking advantage of the supportive power of your pile of penny candy, nestle in some Lollipops – stick down, sweet side up! Or find a few clever creations from our novelty candy selection, such as the oh-so-cool Icee Spray Candy. Play with different candy sizes, colors and flavors to add dimension and deliciousness, and tap into your creativity to make your basket uniquely ‘you’. There is no right or wrong way to make your gift basket its best, so enjoy the process as much as they’re going to enjoy their sweet surprise!

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