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What’s Even Sweeter Than Free Shipping? Great Prices On Great Candy!

We understand the enticement of free shipping – it even has the word ‘free’ right in there, and who doesn’t love free things?! But one of the things we pride ourselves on at Blair Candy is being fair to our customers, and we don’t think it’s fair to raise our prices to absorb shipping costs just so we can give you something for ‘free’ when in fact, you’d be paying for it. The simple truth is that shipping costs money. We wish as much as you did that it didn’t, but we aren’t going to try to ‘sugarcoat’ the truth. We sell Moon Pies, not white lies!

Blair Candy was born with the old-fashioned corner candy store in mind. We wanted to bring everyone back to the way it felt to have a quarter in your pocket and an ‘Open’ sign on the candy store door. A time when there was a smiling face behind a glass case full of Bottle Caps and Boston Baked Beans. A time when the day was made the best it could be with a little brown bag full of treats in one hand, a bottle of Coke in the other, and a slow walk home in the summer with friends.

No, we aren’t magicians, and we can’t turn back time! We also can’t show every customer that we are indeed smiling as we pack up their box of Penny Candy memories. But we can be 100% honest about costs. Our candy prices are for the candy. Our shipping prices are for the shipping. And we’ll always be more interested in stretching taffy than the truth!

Thanks for shopping with Blair Candy, where we appreciate not only your business, but also the unspoken memories you share with each order. Where some companies might see a list of products to pack in a box, we see someone who never lost a taste for the wonders of childhood. Sure, you’re cleverly disguised as a grown-up now, but to us you’ll always be a kid with grass-stained knees and a Kool-Aid smile. 🙂

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