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Blair Candy Is Going Green And Saving You Green!

At Blair Candy, we have been working to improve the eco-friendliness of our business, and we’re excited to announce that a greener Blair is now in full swing. We have always found our French Burnt Peanuts a tastier side of our company than our packing peanuts, but we weren’t sure how to work around their necessity for helping your candy and snacks arrive safely…until now! Planet-friendly packing paper is what you’ll now find inside that box, as well as delicious delights, of course. We do still rely on packing peanuts for a small selection of heavier orders, but our Big Green Paper Packing Machine is now the hardest working piece of equipment in the warehouse, sending 60% recycled paper your way instead of a pile o’ peanuts. And what better holiday to really roll out our new packing material with than St. Patrick’s Day!

Green candy packed with ‘green’ paper…can it get any greener? Actually, it can get less green, by saving you some green! We’re offering 10% off ALL OUR CANDY in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (and the BGPPM) now through March 1, 2010. The Gummy Candy will seem gummier, the Lollipops lolli-poppier, the Jolly Ranchers even jollier, because saving money on something as fabulous as candy packs some power. And of course, you’ll want to get your hands on the gold at the end of this reduced price rainbow – St. Patrick’s Day Candy! We have Shamrock Bubble Gum Coins, Green Apple Tootsie Frooties, Mean Green Blow Pops, and so much more. The Luck O’ The Irish is with your wallet every click of the way, saving you 10% here, 10% there, 10% candy everywhere! Sorry…I get excited. This *is* sugar and a sale we’re talking about. Who knew green could taste sooooo good?!

Before I go, I’d like to leave you with a favorite Irish saying – “The future is not ours to know, and it may never be – so let us live and give our best and give it lavishly!”. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that means we should eat more candy.

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