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If Coca Cola is the "Pause that Refreshes," Candy has to be the "Pause that Delights."


If Coca Cola is the “pause that refreshes,” candy has to be the “pause that delights.” Like its liquid counterpart, candy has the ability to give us a jolt on a Monday afternoon when we need it most or provide the perfect ending to a spectacular meal.

No matter how young or old you may be, the sweet confection that comes in hundreds of varieties always satisfies. Whether it be a Snickers bar in the afternoon, a Peppermint Patty after dinner or some Pixi Sticks first thing in the morning when we need a lightening fast kick in the pants to start the day, candy is there.

I remember as a youngster, scouring the house for pennies, pocketing them and heading down to the corner convenience store to buy some Swedish Gummy Fish, which at that time cost a penny a piece. While the clerk counted the pennies, I counted the fish, mixing a variety of classic red and my favorite, grape. I’d walk back home eating them one-by-one out of the paper sack that was their very temporary home.

Everyone seems to have their favorite candy bar. Unfortunately for me, my favorite only comes one time a year – Easter. I have to confess that I am completely addicted to Cadbury Mini-Eggs. I don’t know what it is about that rich, creamy Cadbury chocolate and crisp, sugary coated candy shell that makes these my favorite, but I dream about them! Cadbury makes great chocolate, but in my book, there’s nothing like the Mini-Eggs. In fact, my friends at sell me cases of them so I can enjoy this sweet delight throughout the year.

As much as we have our favorites, we all have our least favorites. Topping the list for me is the nostalgic candy, Necco Wafers. My father was a food broker, and one of the lines he carried was Necco. So needless to say, we always had these unique, round, flat candies that came in a wax paper roll, around the house. He loved them, my mother loved them, and I hated them. But they’re still popular!

I love looking at the Nostalgic Candy section of’s website. It’s like taking a trip back into my childhood looking at old time favorites like Black Jack or Teaberry Gum or an Abba Zaba bar.

So next time you need a little get-up-and-go, pour yourself a coke, grab a candy bar and enjoy a pause that refreshes and delights.

By Guest Blogger -Scott Sanfilippo

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