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What's The Favorite Halloween Candy This Year?

trickortreatThere’s not a day that goes by this time of year that someone isn’t  asking, “what’s the favorite Halloween Candy this year?” I usually start to answer with a giggle, and then explain even though  there are many new candy treats made each year; the nostalgic candy treats are what they want and sells the most!

Don’t think the new gummy earthworms or chocolate shaped body parts don’t sell or the Twirly Whirly orange and black Halloween lollipops either, because they do. Not near as much as fundip, giant pixy stixs , smarties and even regular size candy bars.

I remember when I was running around the neighborhood painted up as a monster, or wrapped in toilet paper as a mummy, my eyes would light up when I saw someone throwing a full size Reese’s or Butterfinger in my pillowcase. Even better was my neighbor who would give us all a big pack of  bubble gum.

I often wonder what it would be like now to go trick or treating?  Oh I know, the candy’s still the same, but most cities don’t set Trick or Treat in the evenings, but instead have the kids running around in daylight.

Wow, I wonder how bad my makeup would have looked during the daylight back in my day?  Then you have the malls that have trick or treat night and the kids walking around and around holding out their plastic pumpkins. I guess taking a empty pillowcase isn’t a good idea into the mall these days. lol

Yes, many things change in life, even Halloween traditions to a degree, but it doesn’t matter if your city makes you trick or treat during the day, or  if they bag the door to door altogether and  make the kids dash off to the mall or a park. Kids still get dressed up, and want to enjoy the good old standbys like I use to enjoy. I guess that’s why we still sell so many oldtime nostalgic candy favorites at Halloween! trickortreatmummy

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