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We all know that many Candy Companies  put a lot of time and energy into the packaging, taste and looks of candy, but is candy really all the same in the end?  Well… not the Candy I had a chance to see being sold this past week!


I was lucky enough while out in Las Vegas on business to get a tour of one of my favorite and very successful online shoe selling websites,  Zappos

For years I have been following this company and admiring their style, great customer service and strong culture. From the very beginning of my correspondence about a visit, Missy Raley, Zappos help desk  coordinator made the shoe fit even more!.

Some of you might not think that Zappos sells candy like we do, so why would I be so interested.  Truthfully, it’s always been their company culture that has always caught my attention and it sure helps that they actually sell candy too! Do a quick search on their website for candy and you’ll see pages of candy items. Heck they even sell  candy watches like we do sometimes. lol

Probably the most important and rewarding  candy items they sell are located in vending machines in their free lunch cafeteria. They have vending machines full of all kinds of sweet treats for their employees and visitors, but they charge for these and donate the profits to a charity in Nevada. Now how sweet is that! zappos-girls

Probably the only thing I couldn’t find in this ever expanding product company was shoe strings. Yes, they sell zillions of shoes, sneakers and boots that have them already preloaded, and even a few pocket books that tie shut, but I thought for sure I’d see some different colors of short and long shoe strings that people love to enjoy, just like our variety of shoe string candy laces.

This company and its sweet culture for success is run by Mr Tony Hsieh. Tony jumped into this company with both feet, and even sits in his own cubicle not a four walled office among hundreds of other Zappos employees, like Missy who coordinates at the help desk  and Heaven our devoted tour guide and even the big guy who heads up their fraud swat team.

The visit, just like the employees we met, was amazing!  All I can say is, I’m glad they aren’t selling our kind of  candy online. I might be shaking in my boots ~ lol

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