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Why Does This Old Chewing Gum Cause Such A Stir?

cloveblackjackbeemanFinally after a two plus year absence, Adams has released their famous Black Jack, Clove and Beemans gum. I’m shocked that these  Nostalgic chewing gums are still so popular and can still cause such a sticky situation.

The tractor trailer wasn’t even pulled away from our building and the emails and phone calls began. People calling from everywhere wanting pack after pack of these honest to goodness Nostalgic kept chewing gums.

As I began getting them ready to go live on our online candy store, I decided to open a pack of each so maybe I could understand why all the hype from a old chewing gum of the past?

I started off with the Clove gum, and as I began to chew, all the memories came back. I used to enjoy this gum many years ago when I would be sitting at my Grandma’s on a weekend or playing outside with my neighborhood friends. What wonderful memories filled my head.

Next was the Black Jack gum. Wow I began to laugh and remembered not really chewing this gum, but how we would place it over our teeth to make them look rotten lol. I didn’t even need to open the Beemans gum, because for some reason, I could almost feel my stomach settling from the pepsin mint flavors already.

I admire Adams for keeping these different tasting chewing gums not so available and a true Nostalgic treat. Yes, it makes us want them more, but…  it also can cause a not so sweet situation!

The last time Adams made these available was over 2 years ago . Most wholesalers were give x amount  of time to order. Some were lucky and got all they wanted, while others didn’t realise the popularity and didn’t order in enough. At Blair Candy we were lucky enough to get all we ordered, plus were ready for the storm 2 years ago, just like we are now!

 We’re hopping this time around another sticky situation doesn’t happen and all  the sudden a $10.00  box of 20 packs will start showing up on various so called discounted websites for $21.00 a box or higher.

All of us here don’t think there is anything Nostalgic or discounted about that!  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again, for fear Adams may just keep these sweet goodies away even longer if not forever!

For now there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. I hope when you put a stick of your favorite in your mouth, you find the same wonderful memories inside that I did!

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