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Like The Weather, Candy Changes Too!

blaircandy_1980_22909912When seasons change so do many other things in our day to day lives!  Our Sporting events change, our clothes, and even the food and candy we eat. You don’t  have to work here to understand why candy changes. Forget about the holiday candy that goes from a candy cane, chocolate hearts,  jelly beans then into gummy eyeballs. I’m talking about our candy choices controlled by the weather!

Not to many people pick a chocolate candy bar when it’s in the eighties outside and if they do, they could be in for a big messy surprise. Just like our hair or makeup that melts down in heat, so does certain candies. Doesn’t matter how long we stay in air conditioning, the second we walk out , poof instant melt down. Candy does the same thing. It leaves our climate controlled homes, or a warehouse with air conditioning and poof it begins to melt. Think when you pack a cooler full of ice. It even begins to melt. Maybe not as fast as a piece of chocolate, but a melting process does begin.

I don’t think there’s anyone  that hasn’t had some form of candy melt. This doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy your favorite sweet treats in hot humid weather.  You  just have to be careful and choose wisely. There are many candy treats that withstand even the heat of mother nature. One of my favorites is the planters peanut bar. This protein packed candy bar has been around for a longtime. Pixy sticks, smarties and jaw breakers hold up really well too! Even our summer parade candy or candy for picnic’s last a longtime in the heat. There are so many safe summer candy treats to enjoy.

Don’t let the summer heat put a sour end to all your favorite sweet treats. Choose wisely and enjoy!

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