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Are You A Sucker Of The Times?

suckerLike anything else in the world today, sometimes there are many names and meanings to the same item. Take the lollipop for instance! The older generation still refers a lollipop as a sucker, while the younger crowd seems to use the tame word lollipop. This use to confuse me, considering you still must suck on both to enjoy! So why is the sucker name almost a thing of the past?

I really gave this some thought. Same type of candy, and same way of eating it, but the name has changed? I started to research the good old definitions in Wiki. The  informal meaning of the word sucker states;  A person easily cheated, deceived, attracted to, imposed upon or a fool. Wow, nothing too sweet about all that, but look at the names of some of the old fashion nostalgic lollipops that started it all. Slo Poke, Dum Dum, Slap Stick, Sugar Daddy, Black Cow, Sweet & Sour, and Tootise.

Now check out the definition of the word lollipop from Wiki;  A piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick that is held in the hand while the candy is licked. Now check out the names of the lollipops of the younger generation. Double Lolli, Caramel Apple, Ring Pops, Blo Pops, Maxxed EnergyLollipop, Whistle, Cotton Candy Pops, Sports Pops and Novelty Pops.

Wow talk about taming the names down for the times!

Even though some of the old fashion suckers are my favorite, I don’t want to be one in any timeline. Nope, I’d rather be the tame little life savor with a lot of energy! lol

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