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Like The Weather, Candy Changes Too!

blaircandy_1980_22909912When seasons change so do many other things in our day to day lives!  Our Sporting events change, our clothes, and even the food and candy we eat. You don’t  have to work here to understand why candy changes. Forget about the holiday candy that goes from a candy cane, chocolate hearts,  jelly beans then into gummy eyeballs. I’m talking about our candy choices controlled by the weather!

Not to many people pick a chocolate candy bar when it’s in the eighties outside and if they do, they could be in for a big messy surprise. Just like our hair or makeup that melts down in heat, so does certain candies. Doesn’t matter how long we stay in air conditioning, the second we walk out , poof instant melt down. Candy does the same thing. It leaves our climate controlled homes, or a warehouse with air conditioning and poof it begins to melt. Think when you pack a cooler full of ice. It even begins to melt. Maybe not as fast as a piece of chocolate, but a melting process does begin.

I don’t think there’s anyone  that hasn’t had some form of candy melt. This doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy your favorite sweet treats in hot humid weather.  You  just have to be careful and choose wisely. There are many candy treats that withstand even the heat of mother nature. One of my favorites is the planters peanut bar. This protein packed candy bar has been around for a longtime. Pixy sticks, smarties and jaw breakers hold up really well too! Even our summer parade candy or candy for picnic’s last a longtime in the heat. There are so many safe summer candy treats to enjoy.

Don’t let the summer heat put a sour end to all your favorite sweet treats. Choose wisely and enjoy!

Why Does This Old Chewing Gum Cause Such A Stir?

cloveblackjackbeemanFinally after a two plus year absence, Adams has released their famous Black Jack, Clove and Beemans gum. I’m shocked that these  Nostalgic chewing gums are still so popular and can still cause such a sticky situation.

The tractor trailer wasn’t even pulled away from our building and the emails and phone calls began. People calling from everywhere wanting pack after pack of these honest to goodness Nostalgic kept chewing gums.

As I began getting them ready to go live on our online candy store, I decided to open a pack of each so maybe I could understand why all the hype from a old chewing gum of the past?

I started off with the Clove gum, and as I began to chew, all the memories came back. I used to enjoy this gum many years ago when I would be sitting at my Grandma’s on a weekend or playing outside with my neighborhood friends. What wonderful memories filled my head.

Next was the Black Jack gum. Wow I began to laugh and remembered not really chewing this gum, but how we would place it over our teeth to make them look rotten lol. I didn’t even need to open the Beemans gum, because for some reason, I could almost feel my stomach settling from the pepsin mint flavors already.

I admire Adams for keeping these different tasting chewing gums not so available and a true Nostalgic treat. Yes, it makes us want them more, but…  it also can cause a not so sweet situation!

The last time Adams made these available was over 2 years ago . Most wholesalers were give x amount  of time to order. Some were lucky and got all they wanted, while others didn’t realise the popularity and didn’t order in enough. At Blair Candy we were lucky enough to get all we ordered, plus were ready for the storm 2 years ago, just like we are now!

 We’re hopping this time around another sticky situation doesn’t happen and all  the sudden a $10.00  box of 20 packs will start showing up on various so called discounted websites for $21.00 a box or higher.

All of us here don’t think there is anything Nostalgic or discounted about that!  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again, for fear Adams may just keep these sweet goodies away even longer if not forever!

For now there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. I hope when you put a stick of your favorite in your mouth, you find the same wonderful memories inside that I did!

Are You A Sucker Of The Times?

suckerLike anything else in the world today, sometimes there are many names and meanings to the same item. Take the lollipop for instance! The older generation still refers a lollipop as a sucker, while the younger crowd seems to use the tame word lollipop. This use to confuse me, considering you still must suck on both to enjoy! So why is the sucker name almost a thing of the past?

I really gave this some thought. Same type of candy, and same way of eating it, but the name has changed? I started to research the good old definitions in Wiki. The  informal meaning of the word sucker states;  A person easily cheated, deceived, attracted to, imposed upon or a fool. Wow, nothing too sweet about all that, but look at the names of some of the old fashion nostalgic lollipops that started it all. Slo Poke, Dum Dum, Slap Stick, Sugar Daddy, Black Cow, Sweet & Sour, and Tootise.

Now check out the definition of the word lollipop from Wiki;  A piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick that is held in the hand while the candy is licked. Now check out the names of the lollipops of the younger generation. Double Lolli, Caramel Apple, Ring Pops, Blo Pops, Maxxed EnergyLollipop, Whistle, Cotton Candy Pops, Sports Pops and Novelty Pops.

Wow talk about taming the names down for the times!

Even though some of the old fashion suckers are my favorite, I don’t want to be one in any timeline. Nope, I’d rather be the tame little life savor with a lot of energy! lol

Eddie The "Clark Bar" Haskell

eddie2It’s hard to believe that a name like  Eddie Haskell would still be referenced to almost daily in everyone’s lives!

The other day I was searching the Internet for some Nostalgic Candy pictures to hang on my newly painted office walls and came across some pictures of Eddie Haskell. I giggled when I saw them, and actually stopped looking for candy pictures and began reading though stories of him and the Cleaver family.

What a guy huh?  He’s still famous and a household name after all these years,  just like some of the candy we sell. Even my sons know what I mean when I say something in reference to an Eddie Haskell.  I sat there thinking just how this name signaled some memories in almost everyone in one way or another, almost like a Candy Bar or a Rootbeer Barrel! I’m sure many of you have had your own reference to good old Eddie  lol.

 The great Eddie Haskell name really needs no explanation to most, and not even to the younger generation because I’m sure their parents have called them or one of their friends  Eddie Haskell and then explained just who Eddie was lol.

I really began to think this through while sitting at my desk. Hmmm do we have any Eddie’s in our building?  Does our company  Blair Candy and as a whole operate with the Eddie trickery?  I really couldn’t think of anyone while working for our company that plays the Eddie rule. Our company is  what it is. We are more like the Cleavers here lol. We don’t pretend to have free shipping  and hide it in the price of the product to brown nose the customer. We really have a real candy warehouse and candy outlet store full of thousands of candy products and we really don’t schmooze our customers into pretending to have good customer service or quality products.

Nope, no Haskell’s here, just a family owned and operated real wholesale candy distributor for over 70 years!  Heck we’ve been in the candy business longer than all the Eddie Haskell’s have been  in character!  The only comparison I could  find in our company to an Eddie Haskell, was his middle name was Clark, just like the Clark Bars we sell lol!

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