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The Sweetest 2 Minutes In Sports

istock_000002714318xsmall1The first Saturday in May is always the official running of the Kentucky Derby.  What a big day for big hats, fast horses and mint julep’s

To me, it’s the most exciting 2 minutes in championship sports. Think about it, this isn’t a 4 hour Super Bowl, or the never ending World Series, or even the rough and tumble Stanley Cup Championship. This event is almost over as soon as the clock starts!

Yep,  this is my kind of sport, short and sweet! Where else can you wear the craziest of hats and it doesn’t matter!  They can be short, tall, wide or even skinny And there is no one going to be yelling at you,  ‘down in front”. lol

 I don’t mean those big Mexican Hats, I mean those big fancy  floppy hats that get you the sweetest attention!

Guys this is also a good day for you!   Where else can you get away with walking around at a major sporting event filled with thousands of people carring around a beverage with a cute green plant hanging out over the top?

This year it will be interesting to see  if this event still draws the thousands of people it normally does.  If you are one of the thousands actually at Church Hill Downs or watching from home,  just remember,  those  exciting 2 sweet moments in sports  could unwittingly become the most blurry two minutes if you don’t enjoy our Mint Julep’s  instead of theirs!

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