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First Rachael Ray, Then Guy Fieri, Wonder Who's Next?

I thought selling Candy to Rachael Ray for her magazine article about Super Bowl Parties was exciting, but this past week while I was away on my annual vacation to Florida I ran into Guy Fieri, from the Food Networks Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesNow that is what I call exciting!

I was heading to one of my favorite restaurants down at the beach, in Deerfield Beach Florida called The Whales Rib. I was starving and like always in a hurry. I marched through the parking lot not even noticing the sign that said “filming inside” lol, opened their doors, and was greeted with bright cameras filming away. Needless to say I shut that door as fast as I opened it and walked to the Pizza shop across the street.

As I sat there staring out the window while eating my coal oven pizza wishing I had the lobster salad from the Whales Rib, I spotted a guy with spiked up white hair that looked to me like the guy from the Food Network show I  watch. The closer he got to the window, the more I knew it was him. I could hardly eat my pizza and couldn’t wait to run out the door.

Yep, it was him. I was so excited I couldn’t remember how to take a picture with my cell phone lol. Finally I settled down, snapped a few shots and followed him back up to the parking lot that just 15 minutes prior I ran from. Low and behold it was him inside my favorite restaurant filming a segment for his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I stood there watching him get into his famous car and begin filming now on the outside of the restaurant. Talk about the perfect opportunity to invite him to our Sweet Candy Store, but like most anything else I seem to do, I didn’t have one piece of candy of any kind on me, or even a business card to hand to him to spike his interest ugh.

To some of you, you might find it strange why I would even think that he would come to our candy outlet store, when all he goes to is restaurant type places, but if you’ve ever been to Blair Candy, you would understand why I think he would fit right in. Not because we’ve had some employees with the same type of hair he has, but because we have thousands of candies to buy, from every manufacturer and timeline. I think he would be as shocked as a lot of our visitors that walk in  and are greeted with aisle after aisle of every kind of candy you can think of. Nostalgic Candy, Novelty Candy,  Bubble Gum and lots of Breath Mints he could use after eating all those different foods. He might be surprised of all the  gummi candy shaped like some of the food he eats stacked to the ceiling too!  Heck why not Guy Fieri visiting us?  Some people do make a meal out of all these sweet treats we sell lol.

Now if I could only run into Bobby Flay! It would be interesting doing one of those Throw Down shows with him and challenge him to a cooking with candy event!

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