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Our Cheer on The Pittsburgh Steelers Day



It’s no secret when you walk into our building; You are entering not only the sweetest building in the world, but it’s Pittsburgh Steeler country as well. Today a bunch of our sweet employees came dressed for the occasion. Black and Gold everywhere and Steeler fight songs playing on radios through out the building. Actually, the only thing missing football,  was our chocolate footballs lol. We shipped soooo many of those chocolate sports treats to our customers for their own  Super Bowl Parties, we had none left for our own employees.

Go figure, we normally have case after case, but because there are so many Steelers fans across the USA, they came from everywhere and found our online candy store and were buying them cases at a time. How sweet of the manufacturer to tell us our new shipment would be here 2 days after the big party ugh.

Some of our customers didn’t mind the wait, they didn’t really need them for the big game, but for a sports themed party and can wait till they arrive. Others, begged, pleaded and called a lot, but nothing we could do. We’ve now been telling them to cheer even louder, because when they win Super Bowl 43, there will be a lot of post Super Bowl parties going on across the USA and we will be able to send the chocolate footballs to them.

So for now, our own employees will have to survive the big game with out the chocolate footballs and maybe reach for some other kind of sweet candy treat we sell. hmmm wonder how chocolate basketballs would look sitting in the plastic football on my table lol

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