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Pimping Your House This Season?

What better time of year than to pimp your house for the Holiday season. Not only do most of us decorate a tree or the outside of our homes, but many still do what I did years ago as a kid. We built gingerbread houses with our moms or grandmothers. Back when I did it, there wasn’t that much creative thinking that went into them as there is now.  Oh we’d put the typical red and white swirled starlite mints or a few chocolate stars here and there, and a few M&M’s and gum drops, but times have changed. People now have taken this nostalgic Christmas tradition to new heights and turned it also into contests.

We have many people from big and small corporate offices calling and wanting to buy some pretty cool candy items to help Pimp Out Their Houses. We have church groups and school teachers calling as well. It seems now,  the bigger the better and the sweeter looking they are the more attention they get.

Customers have some pretty cool ideas. They are using spearmint green leaves for trees, and bubble gum balls for decorations, some even have gone as far as using red licorice for shingles on the roof and those red colored french burnt peanuts to resemble a brick sidewalk. The school teachers are into the gum drops, marshmallow peep trees and different colors of tootsie roll frooties to bring their houses alive.

I guess it all boils down to just how sweet looking you want yours to be!

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