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Another One Bites The Dust!

OK so I’m not a kid anymore, but I still love bubble gum and from the sounds of all the emails and calls we have received over this discontinued bubble gum flavor, I’m not alone. I have been chewing the same sugarless bubble yum bubble gum flavor for as long as I can remember, and all the sudden someone at Hershey’s decided it had to go. Who? Couldn’t have been anyone over the age of 25 that’s for sure!

Bubble Yum sugarless peppermint bubble gum is what I’m ranting about. We sold tons of this flavor to adults everywhere. It was the perfect bubble gum for adults to chew. You didn’t have to feel silly carrying around a big pack of bubble blowing gum. Nope this was the perfect adult version of bubble gum.

The peppermint flavor lasted as long as your jaws did chewing it. So who made this decision?

After numerous calls to our Hershey rep and many to Hershey’s customer service department, the only answer I got was ” they discontinued it due to lack of sales” Huh?

I’d like to know just where these lack of sales came from. Certainly not in the USA. We could never keep the flavor in stock. Our customers from all over the USA would order this flavor continuously. It was Hershey’s Corporation themselves that never manufactured enough of the flavor to sell for sales.

Blair Candy would order it, Hershey’s would backorder it?

 Hershey’s does still make bubble yum sugarless bubble gum, but now only offer it in the regular bubble gum flavor and that’s no different than buying Bazooka sugarless or Double Bubble sugarless.

To me, Hershey’s had a niche in the sugarless bubble gum world with the peppermint flavor. Adults still love to chew bubble gum, but as they get older they don’t want to smell like a tuti fruit gonzo grape child. Nope,  the peppermint flavor made it ok for them to still enjoy their bubble gum blowing days.

So who pulled the plug and why? Were they that afraid of letting adults still enjoy blowing bubbles and having fresh breath at the same time? Do they really think adults want their breath to smell like grape, cotton candy or screamin lime? Just doesn’t make sence to me, nor does their answer for why they did it. This would be the prime time for Bazooka or Dubble Bubble to squirt a little peppermint flavor into their sugarless bubble gum! We have thousands of customers who would love to buy it!

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