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Where's Billy?

No, I’m not hunting for Billy Joel, Billy Ray Cyrus or Billy Bob Thorton. I’m hunting for one of our dedicated candy employees, Billy Yoder.  Billy has been employed by us for over 38 years.

If you ever get the opportunity to walk into our candy warehouse or candy outlet store, you will probably hear one of us asking, or yelling… “Where’s Billy”.

Billy is probably one of the most hunted guys within our operation. If you’re a new wholesale customer walking in, Billy is probably who  would  help you, if we can find him! Thirty eight years is a long time to be getting up and heading off to the same building everyday. Billy spends a great deal of time walking up and down our candy outlet aisles or warehouse making sure the candy bars are stocked, the lollipops are within an easy reach and the Holiday candies are in their correct spot. 

This week my brother, the company President, decided to make sure everyone including customers knew we were always hunting Billy.  He had special T Shirts made up for all the employees to wear that stated “Where’s Billy”. It was probably one of the best jokes I have ever seen pulled off inside our building.

 If you happen to be in need of a little old fashion candy information, Billy is the one to ask for.   He started stocking our shelves in 1970.  Back then there wasn’t 80 types of gum, or even gummi candy. Nope he was stocking the old standby Hershey kisses, Luden’s cough drops, and Bubble gum cigars. Now, 38 years later, the candy selections and manufacturers have grown, giving him many more boxes to hide behind in our warehouse.  Billy is a true “Company Man”  our go to guy, and when you’re the main go to guy, I guess you have every right to hide! Actually I wish he’d show me these hiding places right now, but for some reason I think Santa and his Elves would be able to find me hiding among all our stacks of Christmas candy. lol

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