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Running With The Clark Bar

Every year same time, I sit and watch our orders for the Clark Bar go crazy! It’s either a Politician running for office with the last name Clark using this Nostalgic Candy bar, or the family down the street named Clark using them for their Halloween candy treat and lets not forget the  Mr & Mrs Clark handing them out to all their wedding guests as favors.

This year I really see a spike with orders right from our own state of Pennsylvania. No, I don’t think we have a big election going on by someone with the last name of Clark running for office, but we do have a College starting quarterback for the Penn State Nittany Lions running his team down the field with 6 straight victorys so far!

Considering,  Blair Candy is just a Hail Mary pass from Beaver Stadium, home of the Penn State Nittany Lions,  Yes I’d say that’s the reason!

I can’t wait to see if I notice a touch of  the sweet red Clark Bar wrappers in the famous white out crowd next home game. Would really make a statement.  Blue and white school colors, add a touch of red, ahh Red, White and Blue! Now if only the last name Roethlisberger would be as easy to spell as Clark!

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