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Phillies Have Cheese Steaks – Tampa Bay Rays Cotton Candy?

Well sports fans it’s World Series time once again. You’ve got the sweet smell of fried onions, peppers and steak coming from the east and the sweet smell of Cotton Candy coming from the south, huh?

As I was trying to learn a little about the Tampa Bay Rays, I stumbled across this picture of a stadium vendor selling cotton candy through out the crowd at a baseball game in Florida. That really struck me odd considering, cotton candy can disintegrate with even the heat of your breath let alone the tropical Florida weather and sun. I’ve been to many professional baseball games in my life and I honestly can’t ever recall hearing someone yell ” get your cotton candy here”. I normally hear, peanuts, get your peanuts, or Ice cold soda, but cotton candy?… never,  unless I’m at the circus!

I can’t even imagine the sticky mess the sugar spun sweet treat could make as I sat watching the game in the Florida heat. It’s bad enough tramping thought the spilt soda and  beer or those shelled peanut casings.  Add a gooey sugar glazed candy coating to them, I’d be better off throwing out my shoes!

I still couldn’t figure out how those Florida stadium vendors were selling that cotton candy outdoors at baseball games. Then I finally realized the Rays play baseball in a indoor stadium. That’s a double huh?

Well…  no matter who wins the World Series this year,  you can be sure the Philly cheese steaks will be a plenty here in the East and I guess many  down south will be making an extra trip to the bathroom to unglaze themselves from the cotton candy mess!

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