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The Sweetest Costume

Fall has officially arrived and when people get into the Fall mood, it normally brings the wanting of cooler temps, colorful leaves, Halloween Candy, and Football. While I was searching through some pictures on my computer trying to find a picture for my Halloween costume idea, I ran across this picture.

This is Joe, Blair Candy’s first official King of Candy. His co-workers entered him in this contest we had a while back looking for the king or queen of candy. They wrote us stories about him and how walking in his office was like going trick or treating.

 You line up at his door, he gives you candy.

Needless to say, Joe won our contest! He received $500 worth of free candy. Joe was so sweet, he donated most of it to a children’s hospital in the DC area. Joe’s picture and his stories from his co-workers had us all in stitches here laughing. Little does he know he just saved me a few bucks. I’m going to make my Halloween costume out of the materials I work around daily.

I can see myself now, shoe string licorice hair, wax red lips, a candy necklace with a matching candy watch. A light up candy ring that I can eat plus it alerts people I’m coming. I know we have some other candy items to make me look even sweeter, but why press my luck.  I might not get much in my trick or treat bag. lol

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