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Hearts Are Your Best Bet for Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk This Year

A Bag of Reese’s Pink Peanut Butter Hearts |

Hearts are ubiquitous on Valentine’s Day. We all know that. The day is one of love, romance, gifts, and candy. You know you’re going to see heart-shaped candy around on Valentine’s Day. More on that later. At the moment, we’re wondering: do you know why Valentine’s Day is a day of love? Let us tell you!

Valentine’s Day likely grew out of the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. This mid-February celebration observed the coming of springtime and honored life and love in general. Centuries later, the Roman Catholic Church converted this day into St. Valentine’s Day. Yet people’s observance of the day as one of love continued on. Valentine’s Day is what we were then left with.

To do our part for this ancient holiday, let us draw your attention to some Valentine’s Day candy in bulk that has been shaped into lovely hearts. These will make great gifts to that special someone this year. Reese’s pink Peanut Butter Hearts are one candy we’d recommend. They’re delicious Reese’s candy, so there’s no going wrong there. Another candy is Peeps hearts, available in several delicious flavors. These heart-shaped marshmallow candies melt in your mouth – absolutely delectable! On top of those, jelly hearts by Jolly Ranchers are also sweet little things and are available in packs to pass out to friends, family, and classmates.

So when you bite into some of your heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candy in bulk this February, we hope you remember exactly how we got here. Browse all Valentine’s Day candy now at!

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