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When Buying Christmas Candy in Bulk, Never Underestimate the Power of the Stocking Stuffer

SweeTart-Filled Plastic Candy Cane Tubes | BlairCandy.comGifts large and small obviously abound at Christmas time. No present is unwelcome, from the smallest Hershey Kiss to the largest big-screen TV you can fit under the tree. It is at this time, then, that we’d like to draw attention to one of the most important tiers of gifts you can possibly get at Christmas: the stocking stuffer.

Stocking stuffers are a simple yet beloved aspect of the Christmas gift-giving tradition. Who doesn’t love digging around in a deep Christmas stocking to find all the little fun-sized goodies left by Santa Claus? Candy, toys, oranges, coal – whatever it is, you know you love finding it. Ever wonder how Christmas stockings began as a holiday tradition in the first place?

Well, the answer to that isn’t so clear cut. Usually people resort to myths and legends when attempting to explain that. The most popular legend tells of the benign St. Nicholas, who hears of a poor man’s plight in not being able to marry off his daughters because of their economic status. One night, St. Nicholas secretly drops some gold coins into the girls’ stockings, which are drying by the fireplace in their home.

Whatever the actual origin of the Christmas stocking, the point is that stockings add one more medium for gift-giving at Christmas time. Since we at Blair Candy love Christmas so much, we’re always happy to suggest some Christmas candy in bulk for you to give to loved ones at the holidays.

Today, check out SweeTart-filled plastic candy canes. Each cane comes packed with sugary SweeTarts shaped like snowmen and Christmas trees, perfect for the holidays!

For more stocking stuffers and bulk Christmas candy, head to!

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