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New Candy Roundup – Gummies, Gum, Tootsies and More!

One of the perks of working at a huge candy warehouse is being able to sample all the new candy when it arrives.  It certainly is a “sweet” benefit!

Today we’re excited about a few new additions, one of which we’re sure is going to be a big seller so let’s start our new candy roundup with that one.

Pop Tart Bites
Can I have a big “woo hoo” for this one?  Everyone’s favorite on-the-go breakfast item is now available in bite-size treats packaged for maximum portability.  Now they’re the perfect size to enjoy as a snack anytime you’re craving that frosted strawberry goodness. Each box contains 20 1.4oz pouches.  

Pop Tarts Bites

Pop Tarts Bites



Candy Coated Tootsie Roll Chews
Just when you thought a Tootsie Roll couldn’t get any better, along comes this new treat.  The Tootsie flavor we all know and love is now available in a gumball size treat coated in a colorful candy shell.  A tasty twist on one of our favorite classic candies.  

Tootsie Roll Candy Coated Candy

Tootsie Roll Candy Coated Chews


AirHeads Bites Paradise Blend
Send your tastebuds on a trip to a tropical paradise by opening a package of the new AirHeads Bites Paradise Blend.  These bite-sized taffy-like chews feature four all-new tropical flavors including Cherry Pineapple Blast, Raspberry Lemonade, Citrus Rush, and Blue Hawaiian, along with a special White Mystery bar which you will have to figure out the flavor for yourself… no spoilers here!

AirHeads Paradise Blend Bites

AirHeads Paradise Blend Bites


Sugar-Free AirHeads Paradise Blend Gum
Now you can make the flavors of paradise last longer than just a bite with the new AirHeads Paradise Blend Gum that comes in a sweet and tart Raspberry Lemonade flavor with added micro-candies for bursts of flavor.  For those looking for a flavorful sugar-free chewing gum, this one is for you.  

Sugar-Free AirHeads Gum

Sugar-Free AirHeads Gum


Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews
When it comes to chewy, gummy candy the name Haribo comes to mind.  The candy company that brought us gummy bears now brings us soft and sweet watermelon chews that look and taste like the real thing.  We do have to warn you… you can’t stop at just one of these, so order a few bags.

Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews

Haribo Watermelon Soft & Sweet Chews


Slush Puppie Giant Gummy
Ok, so hands up if you can’t resist ordering a Slush Puppie every time you see them in a store.  Well, now you can have that cherry or blue raspberry treat anytime without the brain freeze with the new Giant Slush Puppie Gummy.  Each gummy is really giant – weighing in at over 2 ounces each. We know this is quickly going to be one of your new favorite candies so they come 12 per box!

Slush Puppie Giant Gummy

Slush Puppie Giant Gummy


That’s all for today’s new candy roundup, be sure to keep up to date with new and nostalgic candy as it arrives by checking our new candy page frequently.

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