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Offbeat Candy Ideas

It’s Shark Week!

Shark Novelty Candy |

It’s Shark Week! Before you head to your TV to watch all of the cool shows that are on this week, make sure you have tons of snacks to keep you tied over. We have tons of gummy candies and other novelty candy to really take a bite out of your show viewing menu. Here’s some suggestions for snacks you should have on hand while watching:

Gummy Sharks: If you love gummy candies, then you definitely should get a bag of these. Choose from either blue gummy sharks or colorful gummy sharks for a delicious gummy treat!

Shark Bite Lollipops: Play with this fun shark toy while watching the commercials and enjoy the lollipop inside them during the program! They come in a couple styles and flavors so everyone finds one they like.

Sea Critter Gummies: There are other sea creatures seen during Shark Week too! This box of gummies has sea turtles, seahorses, crabs, and octopi to snack on while you’re watching. They’re also individually wrapped so you can enjoy them after the festivities too.

See these and other novelty candy treats today so you can celebrate Shark Week anytime! Shop now at and be sure to tag us on social media if you make anything cool with your shark candy.

New Twists on Retro Favorites

Retro Candy in Bulk | BlairCandy.comWe all have that one favorite candy that no matter what’s going on, it always tastes great. While you should have that candy whenever a craving strikes, it never hurts to try new things! We have plenty of retro candy in bulk, as well as new twists on these classic treats. Here are a couple of examples of these nostalgic candy twists:

Cow Tales have a cream center with chewy caramel, right? Well, try that same cream center with a chocolate, strawberry, or caramel apple flavored caramel! We guarantee you’ll have a hard time choosing one to try.

Air Heads are chewy, sweet, and sour flavored taffy that we’ve come to love. Make them more convenient to eat and take on the go with these Air Heads bites! You’ll get all of the flavors you love in cute, little bite sized taffy chews.

For the original sour treat, we’ve turned to Lemonheads. Completely change things up with these chewy Lemonheads with different fruit flavors. This change up will definitely make you smile!

Definitely stock up on your favorite retro candy in bulk, but try some of these fun new twists. has everything you need to make your snack time extra sweet. Shop now to see what crazy candy twists you’ll love today!

Spice up your Candy Buffet with these Unique Gummy Candies!

Wholesale Candy | BlairCandy.comThey are fun, colorful, and come in a variety of flavors. We’re talking about gummy candy! Because of these reasons, every candy buffet needs some cool gummy candy treats to spice things up. Blair Candy has tons of wholesale candy, including the gummy kind, to make your candy buffet extra special. Here’s what we recommend:

Gummi Strawberries – First off, if you’re looking for cute display filler, this is a clear winner. These little strawberries add a sweet cream twist to an already delicious berry.

Gummi Sharks – If you’re going with any type of nautical or tropical theme, you definitely need to add this. These sharks have a cool blue color with an equally unique taste.

Gummy Frogs – Colorful frogs make any table 100% more fun. These frogs also have two flavors, so you’ll get a different combo every time you take a bite.

Extra Large Gummy Bear – Need a centerpiece to your table? These giant gummy bears come in a variety of flavors and will have everyone wanting to take this gummy home.

Find these and other crazy candies at Their wholesale candy collection will fit your budget and theme for every event. Shop now to grab your new favorites before the party is over!

Group Gifts You Can Make With Wholesale Candy and Snacks

Wholesale Sugar Free Candy | BlairCandy.comWe’re getting to the time of year where we say thank you to our teachers, coaches, and anyone else that has helped our kids throughout the school year. Buying individual gifts for these special people can not only get expensive, but it can also be tedious. There are plenty of fun group gifts that you can make in bulk, and personalize at the same time. You can also save money using wholesale candy and snacks to build these yummy and thoughtful treats! Here are the ones we really love to make:

Candy Bouquets: These fun gifts can be customized with your recipient’s favorite candy or with a mixture. All you need is skewers, ribbon, a vase or flower pot, floral foam, and a glue gun.

Gift Baskets: Mix sweet treats with salty snacks for a gift basket they’ll love. You can go with a theme, such as movie or sports snacks in a decorative basket.

Care Packages: This is a simple way to say thank you. Wrap up your recipient’s favorite foods in a lovely box and top off with a handwritten note. Bonus points if your child adds a note of their own.

For all of your wholesale candy and snacks, be sure to shop at! There you’ll find new treats, classic favorites, and even retro candies. Shop today to get started on your end of year gifts.

Easter Treats You Can Make with Peeps Marshmallow Candy

Peeps Marshmallow Candy | BlairCandy.comPeeps marshmallow candy is an Easter staple! While many of us are waiting to find them in our Easter baskets, some of us are finding new ways to enjoy this delicious candy. There are plenty of ways you can turn Peeps into fun snacks and desserts, but these are a couple we’ve wanted to try:

Chocolate Covered Peeps. Yes you heard us right! Start melting chocolate for this delicious treat.

S’mores. A simple, yet delicious snack. You’ll most likely have all of the other ingredients in your pantry, just add Peeps!

Driving Bunnies. This one you have to see to believe. Take Peeps Bunnies, Twinkies, and other items you have on hand to make these cute little cars!

Have fun making these sweet treats. For all of the Peeps marshmallow candy and other Easter treats, go to to order today!

What can you do with Bulk Jelly Beans?

Bulk Jelly Bean ideasWhen shopping for Easter candy, you may have noticed a lot of bulk jelly beans. Many shy away from buying such a large amount. However, there are plenty of things that you can do with jelly beans in bulk, besides eating them. Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning this Easter:


Jelly beans in bulk are great for center pieces and other Easter decorations. Check out these bloggers turn bulk jelly beans into centerpieces, wreathes, and topiaries.

Goodie Bags

You can get really creative with goodie bags filled with jelly beans. Check out these printables for ideas on the perfect party take-away.

Baked Goods

Decorating cakes, cookies, and cupcakes into fun flowers and spring patterns is easy with jelly beans! Here’s a fun example of a cake that used jelly beans to make cute flower patterns.

Be sure to stock up on your favorite jelly beans before the Easter Bunny stops by. Shop all jelly beans and Easter candy today at

Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk Makes Great Craft Supplies!

Valentine's Day Candy in Bulk for CraftingWhile Valentine’s Day Candy is a fun snack during the time leading up to Valentine’s Day, you can also make some very neat crafts with it! There are plenty of DIY decorations that are very simple and use candy and items you probably already have around the house. For example, this heart shaped wreath uses candy, hot glue, and ribbon. The only items you’ll probably need are the candy and foam wreath! Or check out these center pieces that use Valentine’s candy in bulk. For some, all you need is candy and glassware that you have in your cupboard. For more ideas on how to use candy in bulk for decorations or gifting, check our previous blog posts or follow us on Twitter!

Take a Break from the Holidays with this Gummy Candy Dessert!

These new gummy candy dinosaurs inspired us to think about clever ways we could use them. The idea that came to us first was the classic dirt pudding! Instead of using gummy worms, these gummy dinosaurs add a fun twist.

Gummy Dinosaurs

To make, you’ll need chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate instant pudding, milk, and whipped topping.  Follow this recipe for instructions, then add your dinosaur gummies! This dessert is perfect for birthday parties, as a surprise after school snack, or just for any dinosaur lover. For more gummy candy, shop!



What to Do With Leftover Holiday Candy

cupcakes-690630_1280The toys are cleaned up, the wrapping paper is out of the way, and Christmas cookies are totally gone…but you still have candy left. Christmas and novelty candy seems to stick around long after the holiday. So, instead of keeping it around, try putting it into a dessert or craft that the whole family will love!  You’ll clear room in the pantry while not letting a single piece go to waste. Check out this link to find recipes to use up all of your left over novelty candy from the holidays!

Gummy Candy Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffer Gummy CandyWe’re getting close to Christmas! While shopping is in full swing, don’t forget the stockings in the rush! Gummy candy is afavorite among a lot of children, so we’ve picked three that your child will love. Have a fan of gummy food, like pizzas, hamburgers, and fries? The Gummy Lunch Bag will be a big hit with them! It’s packed with an assortment of gummy foods that will be fun to build and eat. Someone you know a big fan of Hello Kitty? These Hello Kitty gummies will definitely be the highlight of their stocking. Finally, we all know a lot of Harry Potter lovers out there, so give them the gift of Jelly Slugs! While it might not sound totally appealing, these fruity jelly creations will be a delicious treat. There are many other gummy candy treats available to go in stockings, so be sure to visit for more!

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