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Halloween Candy

Other Treats to Give Out at Halloween

Halloween Treats | Halloween is all about candy, right? While we love our sweet, sugary treats, you can always change things up and give out something more memorable this Halloween. But what else do you give out other than the standard Halloween candy? We’ve got a couple ideas for you:

Halloween Popcorn Balls: These are a classic fall treat! Popcorn balls have all of the crunchy, sugary, and salty flavors that trick-or-treaters are looking for in their treat bags. They’re individually wrapped and ready to hand out.

Cotton Candy: Everyone loves cotton candy, so these will be a hit with trick-or-treaters. Make your house the one to stop by with a bag of classic or flavored cotton candy. Charms cotton candy in particular is peanut, gluten, and fat free. This is a great option to make sure kids with certain allergies are included in the fun.

Mini Water Bottles: If you plan on handing out candy, but want to add something extra for trick-or-treaters and their parents, mini bottles of water are a great option. Make sure they’re refreshed and ready to get more candy around the neighborhood by sticking a cooler in front of your door.

There is plenty of Halloween goodies for you to mix and match on! Try combinations like Halloween Popcorn Balls, traditional chocolate Halloween candy, and so much more for a delicious holiday. Check out the full stock today to plan your candy haul.

Introducing Halloween Peeps with Fall Flavors: And Recipes!

Halloween Peeps and Recipes |

It’s weird to think of Peeps as just an Easter candy since they’ve expanded into other holidays over the years. Blair Candy keeps up with all of the new Peeps, so we have new Halloween Peeps to introduce to you. From the classic sugary marshmallow to new fall flavors, there’s plenty of Peeps to go around!

If you are just looking for the classic, marshmallow Peep, we definitely recommend the Peep pumpkins, ghosts, or monsters. These Halloween Peeps are the same consistency as the Easter bunnies and chicks and have the sweet, sugar coating on them too. These are also great to decorate Halloween dessert crafts with.

If you’re looking for a novelty candy for the holiday, then you should try the fall flavored Peep chicks! They come in candy corn, caramel apple, and pumpkin spice to capture the season. Each of these Peeps are also dipped in caramel or white chocolate for another layer of flavor.

There is plenty of fall and Halloween candy up for grabs right now on Be sure to get yours today before everyone else gets them and supplies run out.

Retro Treats for Halloween

Halloween Popcorn Balls and Treats | We still have some time before Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning early! Blair Candy has all of the retro and new Halloween treats for you to choose from for a yummy candy haul. Whether you’re planning a party, passing out candy to trick-or-treaters or just want to partake in the Halloween fun, we have the candy you need. For this blog, we’ll just focus on the retro treats for Halloween.

Halloween popcorn balls have been a salty, yet sweet favorite Halloween snack for a while. The big box it comes in is a great way to make sure everyone can grab one and get back to the festivities.

Everyone knows about candy corn, but have you had a candy corn pumpkin? Each bite is delicious mellowcream that everyone will love. As a bonus, these are great to decorate fall desserts with too.

Mary Jane candies are another classic candy that everyone should try. Each chewy molasses candy has a center of real peanut butter inside of them. If you aren’t a fan of molasses, then definitely try their peanut butter kisses for more peanut butter flavor.

Wax lips are just plain fun for all ages! These wax fangs have a great cherry flavor and are ready to add to your spooky Halloween costume.

Be sure to stop by today to check these and other spooky Halloween treats. No matter what your Halloween looks like, you can find the candy you need with us. Just be sure to save us one of those Halloween popcorn balls or a Mary Jane candy or two when we stop by to trick-or-treat!

Recipes with Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy Recipes |

We’re super excited for Halloween if you couldn’t tell! While we still have time before the spooky festivities, we’re preparing early by finding the coolest Halloween candy recipes. These are a few we’re really excited to make this Halloween:

Popcorn is always a snack everyone can agree on. So before you go trick-or-treating be sure to snack on this this Monster Munch Popcorn Mix. Crunch popcorn, candied nuts, candy corn, and gummy worms are added in to make this a delicious and festive snack. See the recipe on A Dish of Daily Life here.

If you like a cuter Halloween than a scary one, these candy cups are a must for your treat table. These chocolate cups are edible and really easy to make! Fill with jelly beans and candy corn and you have a cute decoration and snack! See the recipe on Oh! Nuts here.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more traditional fall treat to go with your Halloween, these Caramel Apple Slices are the perfect addition. Your guests can still customize them, but you don’t have the hassle of trying to eat a whole apple! See the recipe on Domestically Blissful here.

If you want more ideas, or just want to look at what Halloween Candy you’d like to hand out this year, visit!

Start Planning Your Halloween Candy Haul!

Halloween Candy |

Is it too soon to start planning Halloween?? Never! We’re starting to stock Halloween candy that will satisfy any ghoul’s sugar craving. Here are a few candies that we think you should start enjoying before October.

Shoe String Licorice will be loved by everyone at home. Kids love to play with it and adults love to eat it! Choose from grape, black licorice, pink lemonade, red licorice, sour blue raspberry, or a fruity multi flavor.

Peeps aren’t just a Christmas candy anymore! Try these Peeps that are all in your favorite fall flavors. Choose from classic marshmallow monsters to caramel apple chicks. You’ll love the mix of marshmallow and unique flavors to celebrate fall.

There are tons lollipops that make Halloween fun, but these will be perfect for the occasion. Choose from either a Scorpion Sucker or Cricket Lick-It lollipop to scare your guests. If your guests ask, you can proudly say that there is a real bug inside of them! Great as a prank, Halloween goody bag treat, or to stock a festive candy buffet with.

There’s plenty of Halloween Candy to choose from at Shop traditional treats, like candy corn, to new treats like gummy candy eyeballs. Shop now and get ready for Halloween!

Reuse Halloween Candy in a Way the Whole Family Will Love!

While we’re close to celebrating Thanksgiving, you might look in your kitchen and see that you still have leftover Halloween candy. The holiday season only brings in more scrumptious sweets, so getting rid of what you have to make room for more should be a top priority. While you might think that you only have two options: eaCandy to Dessertsting all of the candy or throwing it out, there is actually a third option that the whole family will love! Use your leftover Halloween candy in a cookie, brownie, cake, or cupcake recipe! Not sure what to do? We have you covered. Here are 50 recipes that you can use your left over candy, or any candy in general, to make a delicious dessert everyone will love.

What's the Favorite Halloween Candy this Year?

Every year, there seems to be a new favorite Halloween Candy; and with the holiday just a week away, its important to know what treats the kids are wanting most!

A new survey has revealed America’s favorite Halloween candy in each state across the country. Candy corn was the top pick for five states. Meanwhile, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pulled in the highest number of votes.

Here in Pennsylvania, its no surprise that our favorite Halloween candy is Swedish Fish. Can you guess which candy is your state’s favorite without looking? Or make you think a big time favorite is missing. Click here to see what candy reigns supreme in your state!

Be a Kid Again with Nostalgic Halloween Candy

As much as Halloween may be considered a holiday mainly for children, we encourage you to make it about yourself as well. By packing Halloween treat bags for your visitors this year, you can relate to your inner child! At Blair Candy, we can help by offering the most popular nostalgic candy.

Think of the candy you loved hauling home when you were a Trick or Treater, and share a little piece or two of your past. Not only will the neighbor kids be introduced to some of the best candy ever created (candy that has stood the test of time!), but you’ll also get to enjoy all the leftovers if November 1st finds you with a few extra treat bags.

Attract the Most Trick-or-Treaters in Your Neighborhood!

Chances are that if you’re sitting home on Halloween night with a bowl full of treats and your porch light on, you’re looking forward to having some Trick-or-Treaters stop by. But how do you make sure you get visits from as many Trick-or-Treaters as possible, and didn’t miss that Halloween party in vain? It’s simple – Have the most appealing house! Decorate your house colorfully, have Halloween music pouring from open windows, invite a few friends over to fill your house with laughter and help keep you in the Halloween spirit. Wear a costume, and even put a costume on the dog!

Don’t forget, you can also make your house a sure hit this Hallow’s Eve is by placing money in the Trick or Treat bags. Put together treat bags as you normally would, filling them with Halloween CandySpider Rings, and more… but then, add a $5 or $10 bill to a few of the bags. The idea isn’t to spend a ton of money; it’s to give kids a moment of wide-eyed excitement as they check their treat bags for some. When they visit, simply tell all the kids the truth – that every bag has Halloween Candy inside, but a few of them also have money. You’ll be sure to have the longest line of Trick or Treaters at your door!

Just-Arrived Halloween Candy and Supplies

Here at Blair Candy, new Halloween candy treats and supplies are arriving every day! The orders are already coming in from Halloween fans across the country (folks who know how quickly the best and newest candies can sell out!). We do our best every year to ensure we have enough Halloween candy to carry us through October 31st, but sometimes we can’t predict which will have the most popularity.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins are a top pick year after year, and we’re certainly never surprised by how many orders for our various creepy Halloween gummies come through. But we do add new treats every season that you’ll want to scoop up fast to ensure your sweet tooth gets satisfied. And with Halloween itself growing in popularity every year, shopping early for all your Halloween candy and supplies might be best!

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