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Our Cheer on The Pittsburgh Steelers Day



It’s no secret when you walk into our building; You are entering not only the sweetest building in the world, but it’s Pittsburgh Steeler country as well. Today a bunch of our sweet employees came dressed for the occasion. Black and Gold everywhere and Steeler fight songs playing on radios through out the building. Actually, the only thing missing football,  was our chocolate footballs lol. We shipped soooo many of those chocolate sports treats to our customers for their own  Super Bowl Parties, we had none left for our own employees.

Go figure, we normally have case after case, but because there are so many Steelers fans across the USA, they came from everywhere and found our online candy store and were buying them cases at a time. How sweet of the manufacturer to tell us our new shipment would be here 2 days after the big party ugh.

Some of our customers didn’t mind the wait, they didn’t really need them for the big game, but for a sports themed party and can wait till they arrive. Others, begged, pleaded and called a lot, but nothing we could do. We’ve now been telling them to cheer even louder, because when they win Super Bowl 43, there will be a lot of post Super Bowl parties going on across the USA and we will be able to send the chocolate footballs to them.

So for now, our own employees will have to survive the big game with out the chocolate footballs and maybe reach for some other kind of sweet candy treat we sell. hmmm wonder how chocolate basketballs would look sitting in the plastic football on my table lol

Our Top 10 Best Selling Candy Items Of 2008. Did Your Favorite Rate?

I love this time of year! It’s time to let our candy computer generate a best selling candy report for me. Here is our list of our top ten best selling online candies of 2008.

10. Satellite Wafers –  Otherwise known as flying saucers, stale candy with beads, or communion hosts filled with sugar beads.

9.  Chocolate Tootsie Pops – This was a limited edition Tootsie Roll brought out. Limited edition? Are they nuts??? Even Weight Watchers endorsed these low calorie tasty treats and we couldn’t keep them in stock.

8.  Caramel Apple Lollipops –  Yeah another winner for Tootsie Roll. A delicious apple tasting lollipop dipped in caramel.

7.  Sugar Free Tootsie Pop Mini Lollipops – Yep this company sure is on a tootsie ” roll!”

6.  Dubble Bubble Sugarless Bubble Gum – and to think it use to be Bazooka

5.  Bob’s Soft Peppermint Sticks –  These Nostalgic candy  treats are a favorite all year long. Some people dip them in chocolate and others in lemonade!

4. Candy Cigarettes – I’m sure that was a shocker to a lot of people, not us though, they held the number one spot for a lot of years!

3. Penny Candy Taffy Chews  – Ahh we can thank all the parade goers for this #3 cheap candy favorite of the year!

2. Chocolate Golf Balls – We are avid sports fans here and carry a huge selection of sports candy treats. Chocolate golf balls took first place in the sports division this year beating out, chocolate footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls

And finally our #1 best selling candy of 2008 is… Tootsie Frooties Tootsie Rolls by Tootsie Roll Inc. We sold almost 38 thousand 360 count bags of these tasty treats. That’s over 13 MILLION Tootsie Frootie Tootsie  Rolls!

So, anyone care to guess what next years winning top ten will be?  I’m not sure on all 10, but I think I’ll put my money on the Nostalgic Gum,  Beemans, Clove or Black Jack Gum. We got notice last month from the manufacturer they are finally bringing them back out after a 2 year absence in production.

Even if  your favorite didn’t make our top 10 this year, We appreciate your business and wish everyone a Happy Healthy New Year!

If You Give Them Free Candy, They Will Come!


Actor Kevin Costner was popular for his role in the movie Field of Dreams, perhaps known most for it’s famous tagline, “If you build it, they will come.”  At Blair Candy, we enjoyed our own sweet success with our own concoction of that line:  “If you give them free candy, they will come, too!”

Our big event wasn’t a look back at famous baseball players– our main event was the start of the Holiday shopping season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  No, we didn’t have Shoeless Joe Jackson or Archie Graham walking out of a cornfield, but all Black Friday weekend, we did have our hard working employees walking in and out of our warehouse doors. Plus, our shipping company, UPS, pitched in and gave a hand as well, just so our customers could enjoy a little old fashioned candy game of speedy great customer service– our team’s trademark for the 70-plus years we’ve been in the candy business! 

The cheering in our stands erupted from the free candy we gave away those days to all of our previous customers, and even many new ones that found out about the promotion through our Advertising work done by Solid Cactus.  All our customers had to do was place any candy order that crucial holiday shopping week and we’d take 10% off their order, plus throw in some free candyto help fill their stockings. It was a homerun! 

The first group up to bat got a free box of the new Jr. Mints Peppermint crunch candies; the second group got a free Hershey’s Milk Chocolate large holiday bar, and the third got a free box of Cowtails.  These free candy items might not be what you usually order when you sit down to enjoy a live baseball game, but they sure did make the holidays a little sweeter on the wallets of over a thousand of our customers!


With all the excitement this free offer generated, it of course also generated a lot of work from our employees and our shipping company, UPS. Not only did UPS pitch in and help with the excessive amount of packages to be shipped across the nation, but our dedicated employees stepped up to the plate as well. We might not have had Kevin Costner lending a hand to make this all happen, but we did have our company vice president, Terry, pull himself away from his computer and speadsheets to pitch in and help get us to the 9th inning.   

This was the first time ever I had to make a S.O.S call to our UPS rep, Steve, on a weekend. I explained to him that first thing Monday morning, we needed a BIG empty brown truck.  Without a hitch, first thing Cyber Monday morning, UPS was parked in our warehouse parking lot ready to take away all of the orders.  But Steve didn’t just send a big truck, the normal UPS brown trucks most of you see, but a bigger model.  As in TRACTOR-TRAILER.   It may be hard for a lot of you to understand the kind of space all these different sizes of packed-up candy can take, but let me just say, they all would have covered that entire baseball field of dreams, way out there in Iowa!


A special thank you to UPS and their team, who helped us out, plus our own employees, too, who gave up their holiday weekend away from family and friends to work from dawn to dusk so our customers would be happy! Also a special thank you to all of our customers for continuously choosing us. We appreciate all the business and effort everyone gave.          

Now that’s what I call a winning team! 








Someone text Obama, we need to bribe the kids again!

With all the hype and excitement on the new super charged America coming soon, due to the election of the new President-elect, tech savvy Barack Obama, I thought it was a good time to share a little experience I had this week.

I had the opportunity to go speak at a local grade school  and explain to the 4th and 5th graders how at this stage (age) in my life, I’m still using my basic  grade school fundamentals, reading , writing and arithmetic to operate my online candy store.

I walked in armed and ready for this group of 9 and 10 year olds.  I had gummi burgers in one hand, lollipops in the other and chocolates under my coat.  They were ready for me as well with their Apple wireless laptops waiting for me to tell them they could boot them up. Oh let me add, every single one of these grade school students knew how to operate and maneuver around with them.

I began with how important spelling and reading is and without them I wouldn’t be able to communicate to my customers nor would they be able to  communicate to the world or play or shop online. Then I touched on the old basic Math skills, add, subtract and divide and how I use them everyday to price my items so I make some money. I stressed they need math skills because they have to make sure they have enough money to buy things like my candy. When I got to the old geography lesson and how it’s important for me to know about each state’s history, including their weather and time zone difference… I could hear and see I was loosing them.

They were more interested in exploring my silly fun website with boatloads of their favorite candy staring at them. Matter a fact one young girl spoke out and asked me if I had games to play on my website. Ugh…

So, I had to put on my teachers hat, raise my voice a tad and flat out say, “if you don’t pay attention, you won’t get any of the candy I brought”, Poof… it worked like a charm! Dead silent, eyes front and center and the hands began to raise.  Ahh was nice to know the good old bribe still works!

All the sudden every student had a ton of questions and suggestions for me.  It was almost like they felt the more they asked and listened,  the more candy they would get. The candy I brought was brought with a lesson in mind, not just enjoyment. I brought dum dum lollipops and told them they needed to pay attention in school so they wouldn’t be a dum dum and maybe someday they could have their very own website. I brought along my favorite candy the marshmallow ice cream cone  and explained to them when I was in 4th grade, they were my favorites. Then I jumped up to their era and showed them the  mini gummi burgers that are the big thing now to them. I took it a step further and  really sealed the deal by bringing  chocolate Hershey’s Kisses for the teachers, because I knew the teachers loved chocolate. The kids got a real chuckle out of that.

It was a really fun afternoon for me, even though I sorta had to bribe them. Driving back to my office it made me think about something I read awhile ago. It seems a lot of school districts have now banned candy as a reward for their students. Teachers in a lot of areas are not allowed to reward with candy. I feel these administrator’s that came up with this lame idea have never seen in action the attention kids can give, all for a sweet treat! Maybe if we brought back the old fashion ways of teaching even if it includes a sweet reward, we’d see a lot more class room participation and many more Steve Jobs types and not just everyone wanting to be video game designer. Now all I need to do is somehow figure out how to text message President-elect Barack Obama and let him in on my observation. I bet the kids could figure out how to. lol

Where's Billy?

No, I’m not hunting for Billy Joel, Billy Ray Cyrus or Billy Bob Thorton. I’m hunting for one of our dedicated candy employees, Billy Yoder.  Billy has been employed by us for over 38 years.

If you ever get the opportunity to walk into our candy warehouse or candy outlet store, you will probably hear one of us asking, or yelling… “Where’s Billy”.

Billy is probably one of the most hunted guys within our operation. If you’re a new wholesale customer walking in, Billy is probably who  would  help you, if we can find him! Thirty eight years is a long time to be getting up and heading off to the same building everyday. Billy spends a great deal of time walking up and down our candy outlet aisles or warehouse making sure the candy bars are stocked, the lollipops are within an easy reach and the Holiday candies are in their correct spot. 

This week my brother, the company President, decided to make sure everyone including customers knew we were always hunting Billy.  He had special T Shirts made up for all the employees to wear that stated “Where’s Billy”. It was probably one of the best jokes I have ever seen pulled off inside our building.

 If you happen to be in need of a little old fashion candy information, Billy is the one to ask for.   He started stocking our shelves in 1970.  Back then there wasn’t 80 types of gum, or even gummi candy. Nope he was stocking the old standby Hershey kisses, Luden’s cough drops, and Bubble gum cigars. Now, 38 years later, the candy selections and manufacturers have grown, giving him many more boxes to hide behind in our warehouse.  Billy is a true “Company Man”  our go to guy, and when you’re the main go to guy, I guess you have every right to hide! Actually I wish he’d show me these hiding places right now, but for some reason I think Santa and his Elves would be able to find me hiding among all our stacks of Christmas candy. lol

If Our Shelves Could Talk

For almost 70 sweet years we have been selling candy to everyone. Our shelves may not be able to really talk, but our years of filling them can!  It started way back in the 30’s when my grandfather started our wholesale candy business.

Our shelves back then were filled with Hershey Bars, Tootsie Rolls, Necco Wafers, Cracker Jacks and Teaberry Gum

Twenty five years later my father was in charge of the same shelves and needed to add more shelves for the Bubble Gum Cigars, Candy Necklaces, Atomic Fireballs, Shoe String Licorice and Marshmallow Peeps.

Forty years later when the 3rd generation including myself took over, our shelves were still filled with all the above plus much more. My generation needed even more shelves for the Skittles, Gummi Bears, Worms and Penguins, Blo Pops, Caramel Apple Pops and all the new dark chocolate confections. A 70 year time line of watching the shelves load and unload of thousands of different candy treats makes us pretty experienced and our shelves pretty important.

Don’t get confused, we aren’t trying to compare ourselves to the Milton S. Hershey or the Henry Nestle.  We don’t make any kind of candy ourselves, but we do buy and distribute all kinds of candy from most candy manufacturers and sell it to you.  Chocolates, gummi candy, bubble gum, gum drops, novelty candy and more.  We stock and sell it all!  We’ve seen a lot come and we’ve seen a lot go. Sometimes the wear and tare of the coming and going gets so crazy we have to buy new shelves to give the old ones a rest. LOL

70 years of housing and selling thousands and thousands of different sweet candy treats, watching them load onto the shelves, watching them go off.  Watching the chocolate’s turn colors, the hard candy go chewy and the sweet candy change to sour.  70 years of distributing it all to the retail stores to sell or to the individuals who shop our brick and mortar stores, or our online store.

Just what would our shelves say if they could talk?  Plain and simple, short and sweet; Nobody Knows Candy Like We Do!

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