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Keeping Up With Candy! 2010’s Sweetest New Arrivals

A lot of people find themselves coming back to Blair time and again for our Nostalgic Candy – tempting retro treats we enjoyed years ago that are as packed with memories as they are with deliciousness. However, while even I highly doubt anything will ever roll off the candy line that replaces my sweet tooth’s Number 1 craving – Satellite Wafers – there are tons of terrific new candies coming out every year that are innovative, flavorful, and downright fun!

Every candy we consider a classic today was once the new kid in the candy class, doing its best to outshine the competition and earn its status as a go-to favorite. If you were always the nice one that gave the new kid a chance, now is your chance to make a new candy friend! And if you were the one that teased the new kid at recess…this is your chance at redemption. :)

Let’s take a closer look at what this year in candy has to offer…so far!

Push Pop SliderZ – Push Pop is by no means a new name in the candy game, but they aren’t resting on their lollipop laurels. The new SliderZ lollipops are similar to classic Push Pops, but are a bit sleeker and more modern looking than their predecessor. The original lollis are still available, and still a delicious and popular candy that has kept its look fun and fresh over the years. But this new package not only adds an extra element of fun to the experience with a flip, but also adds a techy look to the tasty treat. Just keepin’ up with the times!

M&M’s Pretzel – Add these to the “I don’t even have to try these to know they’re delicious.” list! Anyone who has ever enjoyed the simple but perfect combination of chocolate and pretzel knows why this is an amazing idea. M&M’s have near universal appeal – I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t consider them a favorite. But just like Push Pop didn’t let its status as a fan favorite keep them from creating a new treat, M&M’s impressive family of tiny melt-in-your-mouth candies seemingly never stops growing. I lean toward the plain and the peanut butter, but am excited to add pretzel to the mix! If you’re more of a coconut fan than a pretzel fan, M&M’s Coconut may be what you’re looking for.  By the time I’m done writing this post, who knows what they’ll have come up with?

Icee Squeeze Candy – I love Icees. Like…love them love them. They’re cheap, easy to find, refreshing, color your tongue, and taste awesome – what’s not to love? However, there are times that an Icee is not an option, like when you’re sitting at your desk at 3pm and your nearest opportunity to give yourself some serious brain freeze is 2 hours away. And for those times, there is Icee Squeeze Candy. You can even keep it in the fridge! Just don’t blame us when your coworkers forget it’s not theirs, OK?

And that’s just a handful of the fun! Check out our full selection of New Candy For 2010 and let us know which ones you think make the grade. Staff Members Take On The Tootsie Pop Challenge

It started out with a spark of curiosity: How many licks does it take to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop? This simple question has been intriguing Tootsie Pop fans since the classic 1970 Tootsie Pop commercial aired. There’s never been a definitive answer, so two of our female BlairCandy team members decided that just didn’t cut it. They wanted to find out how many licks it truly takes to reach that chocolately-delicious center.

We then asked our,, and BlairCandy Facebook Fans for their guesses on how many licks it would take, with the closest winner receiving a whole 100-ct box of Tootsie Pops! We received over 25 entries, and excitedly kept our social media followers and fans engaged throughout the day. Believe me; the BlairCandy offices were all abuzz for the festivities that would take place later that night.

One of our male staff members decided to give it a go in the afternoon and see for himself how many licks it would take, but by the 20th lick, he bit right into the lollipop – instantly disqualified! Typical! It was up to our two tons-of-fun BlairCandy ladies to set the new standard on how many licks it would take til they reached that chocolate center. To keep it fair, as the size of each Tootsie Pop can vary, as well as the lick swipes you take, we decided to average their total amounts together. Next came deciding on the perfect flavor – Grape for one and Banana for the other!

The time had come. They both took a gulp of water, and started licking their Tootsie Pops. The first 50 licks were a cinch, but their jaws started to twinge a bit as the licks progressed. For the grape lollipop, 50 licks went by…100 licks went by…121, 122, and 123 it was! But oh no! The banana lollipop was a bit of a difficult creation. 100 licks, 200 licks, finally 300 licks and it was called as a win. Average the two ladies together and…

211.5 Licks To Reach The Center Of A Tootsie Pop!

Making our winner…Keith S., who guessed via Facebook that it would take 227.4 Licks! Congratulations Keith, and enjoy your prize of 100 Tootsie Pops!

Our two BlairCandy girls were so excited to receive the following award from

It was definitely an event we’ll all remember here at, and we’ll certainly keep that healthy dose of curiosity going! After all, don’t settle for what someone else says – find out yourself!

So tell us, will you try the Tootsie Pop challenge? How many licks did it take you?

Flipping Your Website Can Be Sweet!

It’s been a very busy 2 months here at Blair Candy! It’s time for our online candy store to be redesigned. I’ve been through 4 redesigns since 2000 and this flip is a step above the rest!
For those of you who have never had the opportunity to undertake a challenge like this, it’s sort of like completely gutting the inside of your house or office, or building a new home from the ground up. It takes a lot of thought and work to pull it all together.

Yes, a new website design is just like flipping or decorating your home or office. You pick new colors to paint the walls (background), choose new furniture (programs), new pictures (products), but no matter what you do or buy for either, it all must flow together. This makes it easy to maneuver so no one trips and falls or gets lost from room to room.

You would think, considering this is the 4th redesign we have been through, this flip and the navigation choices should be pretty standard….
Oh if it would only be that easy lol

Just like what’s hot and what’s not in the carpet business or the candy bar business; Things change! As I’ve looked over many website for ideas, I noticed many seem to be making sections now called shop by brand or manufacturer. I was confused if this would work for us? Would I be wasting a lot of space on something that many might not know anyway?

Would the average candy lover know to click on the Tootsie Roll brand to find  Black Crows, Caramel Apple Lollipops or Junior Mints? How about those looking for a Clark Baror Candy Buttons? Would they know to click on the Necco brand for those?

I’ve grown up in this family candy business and have sat behind this desk for 28 years and I still don’t know who makes several of these candy items we sell. I often find myself cheating and looking in our in-house computer system to match up a novelty candy item to the manufacturer with the branding behind them.

It’s not like we are selling cars by GM or TV’S by Sony! Many of our manufacturers have so many different brands under their belts, it gets confusing.

So do I keep the sections lined up like we always have and let people search for gummy candy, candy bars and lollipops, or do we also give them a little more to think about? Will the average person know that Tootsie Roll Inc, also owns and manufactures a lot more than their name sake, Tootsie Rolls?

I still have many new colors, programs and products to add to this redesign, but you can be sure this flip is being designed with our sweet customers in mind!

Why Does This Old Chewing Gum Cause Such A Stir?

cloveblackjackbeemanFinally after a two plus year absence, Adams has released their famous Black Jack, Clove and Beemans gum. I’m shocked that these  Nostalgic chewing gums are still so popular and can still cause such a sticky situation.

The tractor trailer wasn’t even pulled away from our building and the emails and phone calls began. People calling from everywhere wanting pack after pack of these honest to goodness Nostalgic kept chewing gums.

As I began getting them ready to go live on our online candy store, I decided to open a pack of each so maybe I could understand why all the hype from a old chewing gum of the past?

I started off with the Clove gum, and as I began to chew, all the memories came back. I used to enjoy this gum many years ago when I would be sitting at my Grandma’s on a weekend or playing outside with my neighborhood friends. What wonderful memories filled my head.

Next was the Black Jack gum. Wow I began to laugh and remembered not really chewing this gum, but how we would place it over our teeth to make them look rotten lol. I didn’t even need to open the Beemans gum, because for some reason, I could almost feel my stomach settling from the pepsin mint flavors already.

I admire Adams for keeping these different tasting chewing gums not so available and a true Nostalgic treat. Yes, it makes us want them more, but…  it also can cause a not so sweet situation!

The last time Adams made these available was over 2 years ago . Most wholesalers were give x amount  of time to order. Some were lucky and got all they wanted, while others didn’t realise the popularity and didn’t order in enough. At Blair Candy we were lucky enough to get all we ordered, plus were ready for the storm 2 years ago, just like we are now!

 We’re hopping this time around another sticky situation doesn’t happen and all  the sudden a $10.00  box of 20 packs will start showing up on various so called discounted websites for $21.00 a box or higher.

All of us here don’t think there is anything Nostalgic or discounted about that!  I’m hoping that doesn’t happen again, for fear Adams may just keep these sweet goodies away even longer if not forever!

For now there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. I hope when you put a stick of your favorite in your mouth, you find the same wonderful memories inside that I did!

Eddie The “Clark Bar” Haskell

eddie2It’s hard to believe that a name like  Eddie Haskell would still be referenced to almost daily in everyone’s lives!

The other day I was searching the Internet for some Nostalgic Candy pictures to hang on my newly painted office walls and came across some pictures of Eddie Haskell. I giggled when I saw them, and actually stopped looking for candy pictures and began reading though stories of him and the Cleaver family.

What a guy huh?  He’s still famous and a household name after all these years,  just like some of the candy we sell. Even my sons know what I mean when I say something in reference to an Eddie Haskell.  I sat there thinking just how this name signaled some memories in almost everyone in one way or another, almost like a Candy Bar or a Rootbeer Barrel! I’m sure many of you have had your own reference to good old Eddie  lol.

 The great Eddie Haskell name really needs no explanation to most, and not even to the younger generation because I’m sure their parents have called them or one of their friends  Eddie Haskell and then explained just who Eddie was lol.

I really began to think this through while sitting at my desk. Hmmm do we have any Eddie’s in our building?  Does our company  Blair Candy and as a whole operate with the Eddie trickery?  I really couldn’t think of anyone while working for our company that plays the Eddie rule. Our company is  what it is. We are more like the Cleavers here lol. We don’t pretend to have free shipping  and hide it in the price of the product to brown nose the customer. We really have a real candy warehouse and candy outlet store full of thousands of candy products and we really don’t schmooze our customers into pretending to have good customer service or quality products.

Nope, no Haskell’s here, just a family owned and operated real wholesale candy distributor for over 70 years!  Heck we’ve been in the candy business longer than all the Eddie Haskell’s have been  in character!  The only comparison I could  find in our company to an Eddie Haskell, was his middle name was Clark, just like the Clark Bars we sell lol!

Thanks To The Recession, There’s a New Candy Theme In Those Baskets!

Nostalgic Easter Candy Treats
As I read the newspapers, scan the Internet and watch TV, one would think the anger and fear from the economic nightmare  would start to  affect our customers too, but the candy buying customers we have  are still showing their sugary smiles and sweet tones.
At first, I thought the spike in our candy sales was coming from the up and coming arrival of the Easter Bunny, but after reviewing what was selling I noticed it was all of our candy selections, not just our Easter Candy treats , that were  flying off our shelves.
Let’s face it, candy  is comforting and lifts spirits. It costs a heck of a lot less and  is more easily accessible than going to the doctor and getting something for the same results.  In trying times, people  tend to think back to the easier ,  less stressful days .  What better thoughts  are there than your childhood days of buying a bag full of candy for a quarter and running down the street with your best friends.
To say remembering those days has helped candy stay recession-proof, I’d be going out on a limb, but when you look at the past and think back to the Great Depression, The Candy Companies stayed in business and kept people happy, just like today!
Yes the good old Necco Wafers, Hershey Bars, Nestle’s  and Tootsie Rolls were   helping people cope back then and are still today.
I think what isn’t recession-proof in my line of  business is the high end candies. I just read the other day that Lindt Candy Company was closing  tons of their stores, but yet all the other companies making the cheaper chocolates and the old fashioned candies are booming. It was also reported  that gummi candy and gum sales this quarter have risen double digits.

My theory is even getting stronger as I watch our  lower priced Easter candy fly off the shelves and the more expensive brands  sit waiting for me to run a special or put them on sale. I wonder why Lindt  didn’t see this happening and lower their prices to fit the hard economic times? Maybe because they weren’t around in the  Great  Depression, so they really don’t know how to market their products?
Regardless of any of those who seem to be clueless, our candy strategy is working. We are very fortunate to be in business since 1939; that’s seventy years of weathering both good and bad times so we know how to adapt. We carry candy from every manufacturer and do understand people’s wants and needs. I guess that comes from being family owned and operated all these years.
This Easter Candy season I think will be one for the record books, not just in candy sales figures, but in what’s popular in those baskets. Yes you’re  going to see the good old fashioned  standby  jelly beans, marshmallow peeps,  hollow chocolate bunnies and coconut cream eggs, but from the looks of it,  you’re going to see the good old daily Nostalgic candy treats like Tootsie Rolls, Necco Wafers and Bit o Honey’s making their way back in.
Candy is an old fashioned  comfort food and I think we all could use a little of those sweet memories from the days before banks collapsed and government bailouts, so I think now is a good time to buy a bigger basket and reward yourself and others  with a good old fashioned  sweet treat!

First Rachael Ray, Then Guy Fieri, Wonder Who’s Next?

I thought selling Candy to Rachael Ray for her magazine article about Super Bowl Parties was exciting, but this past week while I was away on my annual vacation to Florida I ran into Guy Fieri, from the Food Networks Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesNow that is what I call exciting!

I was heading to one of my favorite restaurants down at the beach, in Deerfield Beach Florida called The Whales Rib. I was starving and like always in a hurry. I marched through the parking lot not even noticing the sign that said “filming inside” lol, opened their doors, and was greeted with bright cameras filming away. Needless to say I shut that door as fast as I opened it and walked to the Pizza shop across the street.

As I sat there staring out the window while eating my coal oven pizza wishing I had the lobster salad from the Whales Rib, I spotted a guy with spiked up white hair that looked to me like the guy from the Food Network show I  watch. The closer he got to the window, the more I knew it was him. I could hardly eat my pizza and couldn’t wait to run out the door.

Yep, it was him. I was so excited I couldn’t remember how to take a picture with my cell phone lol. Finally I settled down, snapped a few shots and followed him back up to the parking lot that just 15 minutes prior I ran from. Low and behold it was him inside my favorite restaurant filming a segment for his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I stood there watching him get into his famous car and begin filming now on the outside of the restaurant. Talk about the perfect opportunity to invite him to our Sweet Candy Store, but like most anything else I seem to do, I didn’t have one piece of candy of any kind on me, or even a business card to hand to him to spike his interest ugh.

To some of you, you might find it strange why I would even think that he would come to our candy outlet store, when all he goes to is restaurant type places, but if you’ve ever been to Blair Candy, you would understand why I think he would fit right in. Not because we’ve had some employees with the same type of hair he has, but because we have thousands of candies to buy, from every manufacturer and timeline. I think he would be as shocked as a lot of our visitors that walk in  and are greeted with aisle after aisle of every kind of candy you can think of. Nostalgic Candy, Novelty Candy,  Bubble Gum and lots of Breath Mints he could use after eating all those different foods. He might be surprised of all the  gummi candy shaped like some of the food he eats stacked to the ceiling too!  Heck why not Guy Fieri visiting us?  Some people do make a meal out of all these sweet treats we sell lol.

Now if I could only run into Bobby Flay! It would be interesting doing one of those Throw Down shows with him and challenge him to a cooking with candy event!

Our Cheer on The Pittsburgh Steelers Day



It’s no secret when you walk into our building; You are entering not only the sweetest building in the world, but it’s Pittsburgh Steeler country as well. Today a bunch of our sweet employees came dressed for the occasion. Black and Gold everywhere and Steeler fight songs playing on radios through out the building. Actually, the only thing missing football,  was our chocolate footballs lol. We shipped soooo many of those chocolate sports treats to our customers for their own  Super Bowl Parties, we had none left for our own employees.

Go figure, we normally have case after case, but because there are so many Steelers fans across the USA, they came from everywhere and found our online candy store and were buying them cases at a time. How sweet of the manufacturer to tell us our new shipment would be here 2 days after the big party ugh.

Some of our customers didn’t mind the wait, they didn’t really need them for the big game, but for a sports themed party and can wait till they arrive. Others, begged, pleaded and called a lot, but nothing we could do. We’ve now been telling them to cheer even louder, because when they win Super Bowl 43, there will be a lot of post Super Bowl parties going on across the USA and we will be able to send the chocolate footballs to them.

So for now, our own employees will have to survive the big game with out the chocolate footballs and maybe reach for some other kind of sweet candy treat we sell. hmmm wonder how chocolate basketballs would look sitting in the plastic football on my table lol

Thank Goodness For The Old Fashion Cough Drops!

Remember the good old fashion great tasting cheap cough drops like Smith Brothers, Ludens, Vicks and Pine Brothers? Thank goodness, all but the Pine Brothers are still made today! The new cough drops or throat lozengers of today, just don’t taste the same or as good and I don’t feel do anymore than the retro ones.

I myself was a fan of the Smith Brothers cherry cough drops and still am. They still taste more like candy than they did a medicine that could stop my cough or sooth my burning throat. I’d pop 2 or 3 of the cherry flavored ones at a time, but never the black licorice ones. I’m not a big fan of  black licorice anything.

I could spot those two Smith Brothers on the front of that white box and still remember trying to open the waxed paper type sleeve that lined the box and be quiet  so my mom or my teachers didn’t hear me digging for another. Now I’m no longer in school or living with with mom and dad, so I can rattle that package as much as I want, plus eat the whole box too!

One very interesting thing about these cough drops I learned later in life. They kept the 2 brothers faces on the box so everyone would recognize the product and not try and copy them. Also, next time you see a box, take a look under both brothers picture. One states the word trade, the other say mark. Very clever way to let the public know their product is trademarked lol.

My next favorite was Vicks cherry flavored cough drops and even sometimes when the coughing was out of control, I’d step it up a notch and go for the Vicks mentol.  I remember their triangle shape and how my tongue would always seem to trace that triangle when they were in my mouth. These are also still available today and they are still the same recipe and packaged the same way.

Ludens cough drops are also still being made and still popular especially their honey licorice cough drop flavor. The only Nostalgic cough drop gone is the Pine brothers cough drops. Now these were different. They were an odd shape and a odd texture for back then. Kind of oval and a gummi but not gummi feel. I actually liked these things, but I do remember a funny after taste. These ones were a little different, you either loved them or hated them.

My favorite memories of all of these was the fact that when I was in school, candy was a no no in class, but these were not really a Wrapped Hard Candy, so all it took was a note from mom or dad, and you could eat as many as you wanted while class was going on. Do any really stop my cough, well for me they do, but so will and hard candy you have swirling around you mouth creating saliva. Some doctors will disagree and tell you they don’t really stop the cough, they just help us put up with it. I’ll use my own judgement and keep popping these great tasting cough drops. Sure beats the flavor of the new ones out there today, Yuk!

Whether they medically stop my cough or not, I actually think the ones from my childhood  work better than all the new fangled cough drops they’ve come out with. Most of those have zinc or some other hightech ingredient in them that claim to stop the cough or dry throat, but for me, the only difference I see is the cost and flavors. I’ll take the good old bargain priced cough drops of yesterday and save the extra money in case I need to get an antibiotic. lol

Our Top 10 Best Selling Candy Items Of 2008. Did Your Favorite Rate?

I love this time of year! It’s time to let our candy computer generate a best selling candy report for me. Here is our list of our top ten best selling online candies of 2008.

10. Satellite Wafers -  Otherwise known as flying saucers, stale candy with beads, or communion hosts filled with sugar beads.

9.  Chocolate Tootsie Pops – This was a limited edition Tootsie Roll brought out. Limited edition? Are they nuts??? Even Weight Watchers endorsed these low calorie tasty treats and we couldn’t keep them in stock.

8.  Caramel Apple Lollipops -  Yeah another winner for Tootsie Roll. A delicious apple tasting lollipop dipped in caramel.

7.  Sugar Free Tootsie Pop Mini Lollipops – Yep this company sure is on a tootsie “ roll!”

6.  Dubble Bubble Sugarless Bubble Gum – and to think it use to be Bazooka

5.  Bob’s Soft Peppermint Sticks -  These Nostalgic candy  treats are a favorite all year long. Some people dip them in chocolate and others in lemonade!

4. Candy Cigarettes - I’m sure that was a shocker to a lot of people, not us though, they held the number one spot for a lot of years!

3. Penny Candy Taffy Chews  – Ahh we can thank all the parade goers for this #3 cheap candy favorite of the year!

2. Chocolate Golf Balls – We are avid sports fans here and carry a huge selection of sports candy treats. Chocolate golf balls took first place in the sports division this year beating out, chocolate footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls

And finally our #1 best selling candy of 2008 is… Tootsie Frooties Tootsie Rolls by Tootsie Roll Inc. We sold almost 38 thousand 360 count bags of these tasty treats. That’s over 13 MILLION Tootsie Frootie Tootsie  Rolls!

So, anyone care to guess what next years winning top ten will be?  I’m not sure on all 10, but I think I’ll put my money on the Nostalgic Gum,  Beemans, Clove or Black Jack Gum. We got notice last month from the manufacturer they are finally bringing them back out after a 2 year absence in production.

Even if  your favorite didn’t make our top 10 this year, We appreciate your business and wish everyone a Happy Healthy New Year!

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