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Gift Ideas Using Christmas Candy in Bulk

Aside from our premade gifts, we also carry other candy that makes for great gifts! If you aren’t sure what to give the candy lovers on your list this holiday season, check out these gift ideas using candy in bulk:

Gift Ideas Using Christmas Candy in Bulk |

Our Holiday Chocolate Cash Cards are ideal for when you want to give a loved one a cash gift along with a little something sweet. That extra touch counts! These cards include 2 solid chocolate coins each, a thoughtful treat to go along with your gift.

Another option to include candy in your gifting is to place mini peppermint candy canes with each Christmas card! While each holiday card we receive includes messages of love from our friends and family, we all receive dozens of these cards each year. Make yours stand out with a little extra love inside! You can purchase a 280 count package of mini candy canes that will be sure to last you through your holiday card mailing list!

Finally, let’s not forget about our employees or co-workers. Giving the gift of candy at the office can be a great way to show your appreciation. You could gift packaged or boxed candy to individuals on a smaller team or purchase a selection of bulk candy for a larger group. Lindt Lindor truffle boxes provide a sweet retreat from the email inbox for your team members, and with a selection of three different flavors, they can all choose their favorites!

Show your thoughtfulness and love with candy during the holidays. It will add a little extra sparkle to everyone’s eyes after they open their cards and gifts to find a confection inside. You will surely be the number-one gift giver this holiday season! Shop all candy in bulk now at


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