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Red Lollipops and Other Candy Are Made to Be Your Valentine’s Day Candy in Bulk This Year

Red Strawberry Rock Candy Sticks in a Tub |

No matter how old you are now, you’ve probably got memories of lollipops from your childhood, or even in recent memory (hey, who doesn’t love a lollipop?). Lollipops are fun and delicious, and you can usually find a flavor for everybody in a group. Now that it’s January, we understand that a lot of children will be gearing up for lollipop fundraisers at their schools. And at this time of year, we say: why not theme these lollipops in Valentine’s Day colors to prepare people for February 14?

If you love that plan as much as we do, then may we suggest some red lollipops and other assorted colored candy? In this case, we first want to talk about the red rock candy sticks pictured above. These slender lollipops come in a 36-count canister and would be great for January fundraisers or just for passing out to classmates on Valentine’s Day.

Other red and pink Valentine’s Day candy in bulk you can get from us includes lite pink and white whirly pops, colored candied chocolate balls, and Frooties in red colors such as cherry limeade, fruit punch, strawberry, and watermelon.

All of this is really just a small sample of the red and pink candies we have that would be perfect as Valentine’s Day candy in bulk. For all our lollipop and Valentine’s Day selections, visit!

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