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4 Vegan Candy Bars You’ve Gotta Try

vegan candyAt Blair Candy, we know that vegan candy bars can be just as delicious as those that contain dairy ingredients. In fact, some people may even prefer the taste of a vegan candy bar over a traditional one!If you’re looking for a sweet treat that’s dairy-free and perfect for indulgence, consider trying one of these 4 vegan candy bar favorites from our selection of candy bars:

Twilight Vegan Candy Bar: A layer of thick caramel on top of a fluffy chocolate nougat, covered in delicious rice milk chocolate coating in this Milky Way-like choice.

Mahalo Vegan Candy Bar: Sweet coconut and almonds wrapped in luscious chocolate. What could be better than this Almond Joy-like treat?

Thumbs Up Vegan Candy Bar: A Butterfinger-like alternative, this bar has a crunchy peanut butter filling coated by delicious rice milk chocolate.

Jokerz Vegan Candy Bar: Crunchy peanuts, caramel, and nougat blend together perfectly before being enrobed in a creamy rice milk chocolate coating in this Snickers-like candy.

Which one are you eager to try first? We can’t choose only one to give a taste!

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